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Default Re: [RP] Sonic: A Rift in Time

In the instant that Reaver froze the monsters arm, the entire being instantly froze and shattered in to hundreds of ice shards. The sound of screeching metal followed by a torrent of water from a fire hydrant that had been burst open from within would quickly show that the monster-- Chaos, that is-- was unharmed entirely. But it was now even angrier, and it now had a lot more liquid at its disposal to make use of.

And then things got worse. Chaos made a gesture and the shards of ice that had formed its previous body suddenly launched in to the air and hailed back down on the monsters assailants, as well as people still fleeing from the scene. Above on a building, the vague outline of Metal Sonic was visible, observing for the time being. Its programming had imparted a 'thought' to observe for its creator, to provide some feedback on defensive measures...

Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails' Workshop, Mystic Ruins forest

Judging by sounds he had heard earlier, Tails had thought a meteor crashed somewhere near his house. Because the chance of finding a meteorite and possibly being able to keep something so amazing were things someone of his age and mindset would be hard-pressed to pass up. And as such, he was now out spinning his two tails around to scour the forest around where the machinery in his workshop had picked up a strange energy signature that Tails thought might have been the meteor.

Then, after a while of searching, he found a place where some trees were missing a perfectly circular patch of leaves over what looked like an impact crater with a smoking rock in the middle. Tails was overjoyed as he landed in the crater, even if he did almost trip on landing. "Wow! A real meteor!" He said, walking around it to get a good look. He couldn't touch it yet; it would have to cool off for a while. But then he would be able to take it and put it in a display case to show everyone. Curious, he took a broken branch from what he assumed was the meteor's impact and tapped the space rock to see if anything would happen, even if he was just expecting the branch to catch on fire.

Mecha Sonic 1.3
'Random Prairie'

Whether or not he wanted to get up, the machine did not care. There was a loud whine of servos and a thundering mechanical BOOM barely five feet from the 'ultimate life form'. The robot only saw a target. It looked vaguely like Sonic the Hedgehog, with some kind of blue metal mixed in with an overall silver body, a single red visor serving as a photoreceptor. Dr. Robotnik had ordered all potentially useful organisms were to be rounded up to test something the doctor had failed to specify. To an organic, that would have been a problem.

To a machine, that was just the day-to-day way of things. It was, however, aware of the fact that Shadow the Hedgehog would not willingly come. It knew full well that it would need to incapacitate the black-and-red creature. A long arm of steel gripped Shadow's leg and hauled him in to the air before hurling him straight ahead, the joint and its own need to not kill him preventing the robot from merely throwing the 'ultimate life form' on to his neck. Without waiting for the genetic abomination to recover from being thrown the machine turned itself in to a mockery of the real Sonic's spin dash- which appeared almost exactly like a large blue buzz saw, and spinning about as fast- before launching with full force at Shadow, aiming if nothing else to disable some limbs. Robotnik had merely instructed it to take Shadow the Hedgehog alive... he hadn't said anything about him being 'uninjured'.
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