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Default Re: red and blue Basculin

Originally Posted by Skylands View Post
Red striped Basculin are available only in White version, and blue striped Basculin can only be found in Black version. That's about it apart from colour.
No, it's the other way around. Also, they're not version exclusive. In Black I managed to find blue Basculin in bubbling water (or surfing spots as they're more commonly called), they're just rare. Here's an example for you. :3

Also there are a few physical differences between the colors. :D Their eye shape is different, so are their fins (red has spikey fins while blue has them flat and curving into a point), that also applies to the fin on their bellies as well as the fin just behind the dorsal (I think that's what the front-most fin on their back is called).

As far as stats go, I don't think there is any difference whatsoever, just the color variation.


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