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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

Elisa gave a light laugh, "Oh, don’t worry about that. It happens a lot. We rangers should be prepared for anything and everything that might happen during the run, so it’s not a big deal."

I nodded in reply. "Ah, okay then."

"Alright," she started, continuing down the path. "Let's get going then."

My Flygon partner and I followed suit nearby Elisa and Archer. As I had made clear before, the weather was pretty remarkable here: even though it was rather cold (and windy) outside of the general vicinity, it was as if nothing had ever happened here. Nope, it was still spring: bird Pokemon sung their mating songs, flowers bloomed, trees sprung with life, and in some cases, various kinds of Berries--
The duo suddenly stopped in their tracks, and I almost would have run into them if I was any more lost in my own thoughts.

I peered over, only to see an almost-humanoid cactus-like monster some distance up ahead. Like any cactus, it was, of course, green--though more of a pea or light green rather than the pine-like color of ordinary cactuses--with two dainty, bright magenta flowers blooming from two ear-like extensions on its head. It had the cutest face, too, with big and bright yellow eyes and a mouth that appeared to squiggle, a bit like a Trapinch's. However, despite its cute appearance, it had numerous yellow thorns covering its body, obviously for protection. This one seemed a little smaller than average Maractus, however; it was probably still rather young.

A Starly and Pidgey were flocking around the flowers in an attempt to consume the seeds, obviously bothering the poor victimized plant, for it started an almost rythmitic and upbeat dance in the effort to scare the birds away.

My thoughts were again abruptly interrupted by a voice. "Want to battle that Maractus?" Elisa inquired.

Hmm. Maractus aren't too great strategy-wise, but they were rather cute, plus it would probably make yet another good park partner. That being said, it didn't even need to evolve.

"Sure, once again I don't see why not." I nodded. "I haven't heard much about them being in competitive battling, but it'd probably be a pretty nice addition for park Lopunny."

I gestured to Sakyuu. "Wanna battle this little guy?"

"Flyyyyy!" She jubilously replied, hovering over to the front of us three. I was well-aware that she still seemed a bit tired from the last battle, but at the same time she looked capable to battle. If she got too worn out, I'd make sure to switch her out, of course!

"Okay Sakyuu," I started. "Let's try with weakening this one first, too. Start with a Toxic attack; when the poison takes effect, try to hit it with an Aerial Ace. Make sure to watch out for its thorns, okay?" I precautioned.

Sakyuu then proceeded with the attack; however, it took her a few seconds to "charge up" before she dispelled a purple, steaming, noxious ooze from her mouth, propelling it at the monster up ahead.

I was aware that wild Pokemon had pretty decent survival instincts, so I was anticipating some type of dodge or counter-attack from Maractus.

How performing Toxic doesn't eat at a non-Poison-type user's esophagus is absolutely beyond me. Perhaps they have some type of mucus secretion within their insides initial to the attack; a bit like how some Fire-types do.

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Also, bronchitis sucks balls. D8\
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