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Default Gym Tournament 2011: Second Round

Second round in the Gym Tournament is up. This round will also be ten days to accommodate for Christmas and New Year's. Just like the last round, all reffing logs for these battles must be posted in this thread. Good luck to everyone - these battles are distinctly less even than in the last round xD

B/W Revolution (may be changed to D/P/Pt Revolution if both battlers agree)
Items On (may be changed to Items Off if both battlers agree)
No Weather / Default Terrain
Payout: 2500 - Winner / 1500 - Loser / 2500 - Ref

TheEvilDookie vs Pidge
AmericanTreeFrog vs WinterVines
Roulette vs Fossil Fusion
Eraizaa-kun vs Kai-Mei
Piggin vs ChainReaction01
Dr Stubbsberg vs Neonsands
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