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"Uh Nex we should probably hurry up" Munchlax said worried looking over at the other ship. "What why Munchlax" I said worriedly "well its that Blaziken and Breloom their ship is right behind us ...... OH NO THEIR LOOKING AT US START ROWING HURRY" Munchlax screamed as the whole crew started running toward the rowing paddles underneath the captains cabin Elekid was commanding "ROW ROW WE GOT TO MAKE IT OUT OF HERE SO ROW" Elekid started shouting. "Uh I hope they don't recognize me after all they almost saw me last time UH OH TO LATE FOR THAT" as the Blaziken started yelling something but couldn't because he was to far away"um guys i think were heading toward something it looks like sharp rocks UH OH TAKE EVASIVE ACTION" I yelled as three rocks came up really sharp enough to tear a hole in the hull.
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