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Default Re: Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge

However, I forgot my cool night-vision goggles at home and decided to beat it out of the mooks in here. They should be stupid enough to just tell me the password if I’m rough on them (or, rather, their Pokémon).

While battling idiots and getting experience up the wazoo, I ended up running into Ashura the Red-Haired Prick (hey, it’s almost Christmas, HAD to make that joke somewhere). I prepared to give him a whupin’, but it turned out his Pokémon were already beaten down, by LANCE of all people. And it seemed that Ashura didn’t appreciate the lecture Lance gave him about compassion for one’s Pokémon. But what boggled my mind was…why the hell was he telling me all this? I was bored nearly to tears from him talking about it for no reason, and then he left, proclaiming he’d be the strongest trainer ever. Pfft. Yeah right. There’s always gonna be one impassable barrier for him.

And that’s me, baby.

After Ashura left, I continued on my way. And after battling deep into the facility, it turned out I wasn’t wholly mistaken about the password. This Rocket Executive named Petrel gave me the password without much trouble, but revealed why he did: the door required a specific voice input (namely, his own) saying the password to work. So I figured I’d beat the little sh*thead and drag him to the door to say it for me, but damn it all, Drake’s still only a ten-year-old, and had the physique you’d expect. So that option was out.

After his escape, I noticed a Murkrow in the corner, and decided to poke it…only to hear it screech the password…in Petrel’s voice. I lunged for the damn thing, but it got away. And so I gave chase.

Someone cue that one theme song usually shown in English comedy chase scenes…

I chased it all over, and, to my surprise, it ended up at the exact door I wanted it to get to. Even better, it yelled out the password loud enough that the door recognized the code and opened up. Huzzah! Our work is done!

Of course, Team Rocket still refused to go down without a fight. Lucky me, I was on the lookout for more experience fodder. Oh, and Lance joined in for an epic double-battle. So it was fun kicking their butts.

Rocket goons taken care of once and for all, Lance and I entered the previously-sealed room to deal with the odd signal. Which entailed beating up some Electrode powering the machine. Which meant more experience fodder. Oh, and the Electrode are always genderless, of course, so even if I had not used the trap-tiles a floor above, I couldn’t have captured one as the first encounter in this particular place. Oh well, I’m a Pokémon genocider for the greater good!

Three murders later, I stood outside the room with Lance congratulating me like it was some big accomplishment…which it wasn’t…and handing over an HM, Whirlpool. Well…dude, awesome prize, considering it’s an HM, but did it have to be the crappy one? Oh well, I accepted and went on my merry way. With Team Rocket gone, I could finally do what I came here to do.

Kick Gym Leader ass.

But first, Team-switch-up and grinding.

And…ugh, yet another loss, this time my recently-acquired Farfetch’d, Selia. I was only trying to bring her up to a decent level for sentimentality’s sake, and she comes across a Tauros. I figured I’d hit it once and switch out to at least get some experience. But no, the damn bull-thing had Pursuit. The sad part is, Selia died in the same field of grass where I caught her…Tragic, yes?

But not much time for mourning. I have a Gym to conquer in her honor. So I put Jaline in my Team and trained her up quick, soon getting a lovely Ampharos out of the deal. With that done, I headed to the Gym.

With Selina at a good level 38, I figured the Gym would be at least somewhat easy. Not so much. I didn’t actually use Selina all that much, because most of the Ice-Types in Mahogany Gym were dual Ice/Water-Types, which presented danger to my little Vulpix. Consequently, I used Quistis a bunch, risking getting hit with Super-Effective Ice-Type attacks to attempt a One-Hit-Kill on nearly every opponent I met. Mostly, that worked, or I got lucky with the opponent’s Pokémon using a non-Ice move on Quistis.

The Gym was…well, take a Slip ‘n Slide, make it reeeeaaaaaaally cold, and make it a maze, and you got Mahogany Gym. Fun at first but ultimately annoying (it wasn’t hard), I slid around in quite a few different directions through each room to make it to the last room with the Gym Leader. Of course, before actually visiting him I healed up at the Pokémon Center. And I finally get there…

And he’s a crotchety old man.

He was arrogant like Morty (but he had the years of experience to back that up), and all that, so I had to come in and teach him what a “little whipper-snapper” can really do. And so began the battle.

Only three Pokémon in his roster, but those three made me fight for every second. No items allowed in the battle was the main drawback of this fight, but the first two fights weren’t too difficult to make me need any items; Quistis still had Synthesis, after all. And with full health going into the final stretch, I felt good.

And then his Piloswine used Blizzard on Quistis.

Quistis was faster and stronger than the Piloswine easily, but her Petal Dance (the one where you can’t select an attack until it gets confused) didn’t kill it in a single hit. And what was a real killer was that Dewgong had used Hail to make it that much more dangerous for Quistis. Because Blizzard hits 100% of the time in the hail.

I crossed my fingers re-he-heeeaally hard when that attack hit, hoping it wouldn’t kill Quistis or put her in the danger area for Hail to kill her. Lucky for me, she was barely outside of the kill range for Hail, meaning Quistis would kill Piloswine with attack turn #2 of Petal Dance.



Ohhh, you cannot IMAGINE how much I panicked. Quistis was Frozen, one turn away from being killed by either Piloswine’s attack or Hail (considering, after the Hail damage hit her after she froze, she had 3 HP LEFT), AND I couldn’t switch her out with another Pokémon because Petal Dance was still in effect. Even if I COULD allow the rule to use an item on her next turn, I was screwed beyond belief. So I shed a tear, and prepared to bid farewell to my unimaginably loyal Starter I’d cared about since day one…

Quistis thawed!

I went from utter horror and sadness to jubilation and outright cheering in the span of a split second when I read that. There is only a 10% chance any Pokémon will unfreeze in any given turn, pretty much meaning about a (jokingly estimated) .1% chance of that happening in the first turn since being frozen. It was the only possible thing that could cause me to win without a single loss, and it actually happened, folks.

Quistis thawed and smacked down that annoyingly lucky Piloswine with the next hit of Petal Dance, and I was jumping for joy as I was handed my Gym Badge. Man, I had quite a number of Team losses leading up to this, and this made me (almost) forgive Fate and Destiny for those screws to my neck. Nothing could have ruined my good mood!

…Until I got the call from Professor Elm the moment I stepped outside of the Gym.

Based on his panic, and the message going out on every single channel on the radio, Team Rocket had taken over the Radio Tower in Goldenrod and were looking to revitalize their crime syndicate by getting Giovanni out of retirement.

Guess another ten-year-old has to whup some Team Rocket ass to teach them a lesson again.

But for now…I’m exhausted and need to take a nap. So, I will go camp out on the Route next to Mahogany to train up a bit once I awaken, before showing Team Rocket they suck aaaalll over again.

G’night, folks.

Active Optional Rules (Besides Core Rules)
  • All Pokémon must be given nicknames (no set theme for nicknames)
  • White-Out = Game Over
  • Battle style must be “SET”
  • Duplicate Mons encountered can be ignored (including evolutions)
  • Trades only allowed for one evolution, beyond that, no trades allowed (including in-game)
  • Only one egg (the story egg) is allowed
  • Items (non-held) may not be used in battle, only outside
  • May only capture female Pokémon. If the first Pokémon on a route is male, tough luck.

Number of Gym Badges: 7

Current Roster
Number of Casualties: 7
  1. Quistis the Meganium lvl 37 (Starter)
  2. Vira the Espeon lvl 39 (Goldenrod City)
  3. Zita the Gengar lvl 38 (Sprout Tower)
  4. Jaline the Ampharos lvl 38 (Route 32)
  5. Tgana the Nidoqueen lvl 39 (Route 36)
  6. Saiz the *Gyarados* lvl 30 (Lake of Rage)

Stored in Pokémon Box System
  • Sonya the Zubat lvl 20 (Slowpoke Well)
  • Elina the Paras lvl 19 (Ilex Forest)
  • Daisura the Pinsir lvl 14 (National Park Bug-Catching Competition)
  • Elice the Noctowl lvl 35 (Route 31)
  • Selina the Vulpix lvl 40 (Route 37)
  • Fara the Spiky-Eared Pichu lvl 30 (Ilex Forest Celebi Shrine Event)

At the Daycare
  • None

✖ Winry the Pidgey lvl 8 (Route 29) [Killed by a Hoothoot that was then captured]
✖ Roger the Togepi lvl 1 (Route 33) [Hatched and turned out to be a Male. Had to let the poor baby go]
✖ Yolanda the Onix lvl 6 (Union Cave) [Killed by an Oddish in the first battle she started training in]
✖ Luna the Drowzee lvl 25 (Route 34) [Killed by a Hitmonchan in the Cianwood Gym]
✖ Janis the Ekans lvl 21 (Route 33) [Killed by a Tauros while in training]
✖ Felin the Weepinbell lvl 25 (Route 32) [Killed by a Fisherman’s Qwilfish]
✖ Selia the Farfetch'd lvl 26 (Route 48) [Killed by a Tauros while in training]
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