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Default Re: ~5TailedDemonLizard's Sprite Shop/Showcase~

Originally Posted by haybalebarn View Post
Ooh, they're all great! There is something not quite right about the repose, but I can't put my finger on it. Ah well, they're still great! The avatar one looks absolutely amazing, and the invert look nice too, if a bit grey. Might just have to put these in my signature if you'll let me. Also, I'll come up with another request soon, since you did so well on these. Avatar state Absol just looks too amazing.
Yes, i agree that there is something wrong with the repose. The body shape of Absol and Mightyena are only similar due to the fact that they are both quadruped canines, and that's about it I wish I could have done it better, but it's almost 1:30am i should be sleeping (pfft, who am i kidding. Who needs sleep?)

Go ahead and put them in your sig! But make sure to give me credit. And, if possible, could you put a link to my shop? Thanks!

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