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Default Re: [RP] Sonic: A Rift in Time

Kokonoe and Tager
Station Square

Among the confusion in Station Square, more appeared due to the space-time rift. "...Dangit, I don't think you are understanding the words coming outta my mouth!!! I thought I told you--! Oh what the heck is going on now?!" Apparently the pink-haired woman who appeared to be at least part cat had been caught in the middle of chewing out some poor subordinate with a coffee cup in hand, and only when she moved to slam the coffee cup down where a desk must have been before she had somehow ended Wherever "here" was. It seemed she was actually used to getting time screwed up on a regular basis, considering that instead of being extremely confused, Kokonoe was merely annoyed. Glancing around, she located both the water...thing and a colossal red humanoid in one sweeping glance, but skipped over the water creature to address the massive red creature. "Tager, status? You okay and where the heck are we?" She asked, looking around again and adjusting her glasses as she did.

"Judging by our surroundings, we are quite obviously not in Sector Seven any more...though might go as far to suggest that we may not even be in our world any more? The atmosphere here has several elements that are different from ours and this certainly is no Hierarchical city that I have seen before or have knowledge of in my data banks." Tager responded, seeming to ignore the water creature altogether. "Also, all of my systems to be in perfect order. Are you alright as well?" The red devil, in spite of his more sinister nickname, came across as quite polite. The screaming went on completely ignored, they were both used to the sound, and too absorbed in their own issues at the moment to really pay it any attention.

"Wonderful. Just freaking wonderful. Please don't tell me Terumi's back and is causing a big enough time distortion now that instead of getting stuck on a Groundhog Day loop he's tossed us into an alternate that would suck because I could swear Ragna got rid of him!" She snarled while Tager seemed to have taken notice of the water creature in time to see it extend a claw in a very familiar manner, and the cyborg groaned inwardly, fighting back the immediate reaction to panic--the creature seemed to be similar to Arakune, and he really hated fighting Arakune. "He" was too fast and unpredictable to fight easily, and besides that, this abomination was made of water. While water was one of his greatest dislikes and weaknesses when it got into his circuitry, it was also easy for him to attack against with the electric shocks he could generate. He was moving towards Kokonoe to shield his superior and savoir, but he noticed as he moved that another had joined them.

"Cease and begone demon!" Both heard the shout perfectly clearly, however Tager's jaw nearly dropped when Kokonoe looked up at her creation and spoke.

"Tager, forget about protecting me--I can handle myself if need be, you go get me some data on that thing that looks like it's been playing with the Boundary, and we'll see just how closely related to our world and this one we're stuck in are." The beastkin scientist ordered.

"Yes, Kokonoe." Tager sighed and turned to face the water creature warily. And then he noticed that the other "person" facing the creature was actually a blue leopard, and one question went through his head as he joined the fight--what the heck was going on?

Station Square

She didn't get this at all--where was she? Why was she there? Where had Cloud and everyone else gone? This city confused her, and though she was relatively used to the sight of tall buildings, there was still a part of Luna that was completely and utterly amazed. The white fox blinked, ears flattening against her head to try and lower the volume of the screaming. She reached back to grip the handle of her huge sword, watching as more figures appeared and some stood up to fight the water creature that appeared to be causing much of the commotion, who was attempting to help out. She smiled playfully and unsheathed her sword. "It's showtime." The white fox murmured under her breath before she darted forward and joined the fray, glancing to the side to find herself with a blue leopard and hulking...thing that looked like it might have been human or a gorilla at one point but was longer what he used to be. A few feet behind the red giant, Luna caught sight of a cat-eared woman with a mass of magenta hair was watching with one of the most difficult to read expressions she had ever seen, and looked as though she had no plans to join the fight. Luna watched as the other woman removed a sucker from her mouth and twirled it around her fingers aimlessly. Nope, it seemed she would be offering no help.

"Mind if I jump in to help out?" She asked, watching and waiting for the creature to get to her so she could either have her turn or see an opening to attack where it might do damage.

OOC: Took long enough to get this up here! *sigh* I still think I could do better, but hey, I finally got to putting it up. XD If you don't understand Kokonoe's ranting, just don't mind it. XD

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