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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

OOC: sorry for the long wait and post. here my first one.

Gotin Hollow

Light, Recruit

Clearing in the Forest

Gotin is out in a clearing in the forest after his teacher told him that if he couldn't keep his mouth shut he should not come to class. He would have gone to the training area, but since there was usually someone there, he found a clearing in the forest to train. He'd been trying to see how long he could hold his fire spell at its highest level on his broadsword, when he suddenly remembered the day he'd left his home world. That had been happening a lot lately.

Gotin and the Princess were sitting under a tree practicing magic. He had been showing her his own way of performing the healing spell she'd taught him, but suddenly she got mad at him.

"Gotin, you shouldn't be trying to change this healing magic! You can do that when you attack, but not with this. What if you make a mistake while saying it, and the spell goes haywire? It could end up hurting them instead of helping. I can teach you the shorter versions of the spells I already showed you. Heva neva luva," she said, and her hands started to glow light green. It wasn't the same shade as when she would recite the full length of the spell. After the green faded away she said, "This and the full ones you're allowed to use. When will you teach me to use a sword? I want to show my father that I can learn to use one too.

She'd been asking him for a week now, but he always said, "I will tomorrow." Before he could say anything else she pulled a sword from around the other side of the tree.

Just then a knight ran though the gateway towards them shouting, "We're under attack! The King wants everyone unable to fight in the chamber under the castle now. We have most of them safely there already, but some are trapped on the other side of the enemy. Our swords can't hurt them, all we're able to do is slow them down."

As soon as he'd finished, the knight turned and ran back the way he came.

Gotin grasped the princess' arm and pulled her towards the gateway into the castle, leaving the garden they'd been practicing in. As they got halfway down the corridor a creature appeared in front of them, a creature unlike anything they'd seen before. Knowing that his sword would have no effect on it, Gotin and the princess fired off some magic at it. Surprisingly, the creature disappeared and they continued toward the corridor.

As they neared the door the princess stopped him to give Gotin two objects. One was a book and the other item was wrapped in cloth.

"Take these with you, in case we don't meet again for some time. Read the book, Gotin. Learn those spells. I'll test you on them when we meet again."

Before he could respond she turned and ran to the door. She stopped to look back at him before disappearing deeper into the castle.

He put the items in his pocket and took off to assist the Knights in shuttling the other citizens in the chamber below the castle. As he made his way through the corridors the heartless attacks became more difficult, with more and more heartless with each attacking group. He was using his magic left and right to keep them off him and the others running for safety. Gotin was so focused on protecting the others around him he didn't notice how tired he was becoming from overuse. He didn't notice, at least until he found himself surrounded by ten of them and his magic failed him.

Just as they were about to attack, a portal opened next to him, out of which stepped a man. He instantly took out the heartless surrounded them and grabbed Gotin's arm to pull him back through the portal. Gotin was trying to stop the guy from taking him through, yelling that he needed to stay and help. The guy stopped and said, "If you stay you will die. If you come with me you can become stronger and defeat them all."

Gotin knew he didn’t have a choice, not if he was to protect everyone from the heartless. He stepped through.

Gotin shook his head to clear the memory. It didn't help much, not when a familiar voice started calling his name.

"Gotin? Are you there? Please be there."

It was the princess' voice, he recognized it instantly.

"Princess, I'm here. Where are you? I don't see you."

"I'm not there. I'm still back on Vesperia. I know you're not, but if you speak in your head I can hear you. Where are you?"

"I'm at a guild for Keyblade wielders on Everlastia. I came through a portal to get here."

"I was right. I knew you didn't die. What have you been doing there?"

Before he could answer she said something else, but too quickly for him to understand. Then she began to speak again.

"This isn't the way to repay your teachers, Gotin. I'm disappointed in you except when you're by yourself. You need to keep doing that when you're out in front of others from now on. You shouldn't hide what you can do. There… I… tell…"

"What? What did you say?"

"I… have… use… spell… didn't… this… happen… have… go."

"Princess, wait! What's going on?"

There was no response to his question. He knew what she was asking him though, he'd known her long enough and she'd certainly encouraged him before.

Gotin put his broadsword back in its sheath and reached out in front of him. As he closed his hand his Keyblade appeared, but slipped from his hand. He wasn't used to the weight of the blade.

Damn, this is heavier than I thought it would be.

He picked up the Keyblade and started swinging it slowly to get the feel for it. After some time doing this he started to practice some of the lessons his teacher showed him. Then he brought his Keyblade to his left side and swung it as fast as he could as he recited one of the spells from his world. As the blade reaches his right side of let go of the blade. It started to spin and just before it was to hit a tree it stopped in midair, still spinning. Gotin moved his hand to the right and the Keyblade followed. He made it go in a circle around he clearing then up into the air and back down in a zigzag pattern back to his hand. As he closed his hand around the hilt someone behind him began to clap.

Jasmine "Jenna" Faraday

Light, Master


Jasmine was out on a walk as she always does when the recruits are in class. Today's walk was different however, in that she wasn't out to inspect the recruits but to check up on one in particular she'd been watching for the last few days. She was curious to see if he was the right one. She had been watching a few other recruits as well but this one was different. As she approached the clearing this recruit was saying loudly, "Princess, I'm here—" But that was all she heard of the conversation.

A few minutes later he put his broadsword away and called out his Keyblade. She watched him as he practiced with it, and not far into the practice he did something that put all the other recruits she'd been watching off her list. When he was done she couldn't help herself from clapping. The kid turned around so fast she was shocked by it, and the look he gave her.

"Hello," Jasmine said, "Sorry about distracting you. Why do you hide what you can do from everyone?"

"I don't want anyone to know what I can do. And who do you think you are? Sneaking up on me, asking me questions, bugging me?"

"I'm Jasmine. I'm a master and I'm looking for an apprentice. That's why I'm bugging you," she said, "Who are you?"

She already knew very well who he was, but she wanted to hear it from him to make sure.

"I'm recruit Gotin Hollow," he said standing up straight, "I'm sorry for what I said, I didn't realize—"

"It's OK. Before I make my final decision I want to see what you can really do," Jasmine said as she brought out her Keyblade, "So we're going to fight."

"And you want me to go all out?"

Jasmine nodded, smiling.

They stood back from each other for a moment, adjusting their stance to mirror one another. Jasmine made the first move by stepping forward and disappearing. She reappeared right in front of him while swinging her Keyblade down. Both blades met the instant before hers was to strike his left shoulder.

"You're too slow," she said in a matter of fact tone, "You should have blocked that sooner. You aren't training with your Keyblade as you're supposed to. Maybe you're too used to your broadsword."

Gotin responded to what she said by pushing back on her Keyblade as hard as he could causing her to stumble backwards. When she regained her balance she looked at him smiling. He smiled back. As if on cue they both shot towards each other, going full out as if fighting for their lives. They were both so focused they didn't heard the lunch bell ring. By the time they stopped several minutes later they both had cuts and bruises on them.

"It looks like you've gotten used to your Keyblade, Gotin," Jasmine said, catching her breath.

"Yeah. This is the first time here that someone has pushed me as hard as my old teacher back home."

"If I made you my apprentice, why would you be doing it?" she asked, wondering why his attitude toward her had changed.

"I want to get back home. I have to save them from the heartless that are still attacking them."

"You mean when you came here three years ago your home world was under attack?" Jasmine asked. When he nodded she said, "I have one more test for you before I pick you as my apprentice. You need to show what you can do in front of the Guild. And I will be picking the demonstration you'll give."

"OK," he replied, "I'll see you later then Master Jasmine."

He turned and started to walk away.

"Don't call me master. It's just Jasmine, all right?" she called, and Gotin waved without turning around to say he'd heard.

A few minutes later, while she was still walking through the forest, she ran into her old master.

"So here you are, Jasmine. I've been wondering where you are."

"Why? I'm not your apprentice anymore. I don't have to tell you where I'm going," she said glaring at him.

"Calm down, girl. I've come to tell you two things. One is that there is master's meeting. The second is that some of the leaves on the Tree of Blessings have darkness on them."

She was shocked to hear about the Tree of Blessings. To see darkness on the leaves was not a good sign.

"Thank you," she said, "I have to go."

Jasmine turned quickly and ran away. She was running for two reasons. It wasn't just that she didn't like her old master, but she had to see if he was telling the truth. She burst out of the forest near the mess hall and kept running to the courtyard by the library. She stopped as she saw the other masters in a circle around the tree. From even that distance she could see the darkness on the leaves.

Meanwhile, Gotin was walking out of the forest towards the Great Hall when he saw a guy holding his Keyblade. Next to him stood a wolf.

"Hi," he said, "I haven't seen you around here before. You have a Keyblade. My name is Gotin, what's yours?"
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