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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Not temper, just a lack of communication:

Again,... dot to blah, I'm repeating myself for the third and final time until I realize this is just a, "I like this opinion, but will shoot down that one thread." If it is, I'll courteously leave your pep rally alone. It's your opinions, and I respect that.

I just thought this was an opinion thread, because you said in the first post:

PE2K Voices - What are you opinions on the current U.S president? Is he okay? Is he awful? Is he amazing? And more importantly, out of all current possible presidential candidates, should he be elected again?
Giving me reason to believe that this was, "I want to hear opinions. Not call them ignorant because they're not mine."


Give me 10 awesome reasons why Obama should be voted back into office, based off fact.
If that's impossible to answer, I'll leave it be.

I'm sorry for being satirical, because people mistake that for anger or ranting. I forgot that this is a Pokemon site.

I also won't pull facts and numbers from the Social Security Organization, Federal Websites, or News Sources (ie. NBC, CNN, BBC) anymore. I'll just make up stuff from my mind and become a professor of Wikipedia.

Talk to the Magikarp, Nyan.
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