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Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Everyone in the Battle of Umecit, but especially Inshur

Before I got to my yelling, I decided to show the gargoyle her deception was not foolproof. I was gonna have fun with this. I started out as I do usually: with dollops of sarcasm and an observance of tropes. I whispered to the gargoyle.

"Lemme guess. This is where you decide we are trustworthy enough to know your already discovered secret: that you were the secret weapon of the WAE that got away. The epitome of hope where there is none, blah, blah, blah. I know, I suspected when I met you, and it was only more and more confirmed with each action you made. I am not stupid, you know, being an Enginez's Sona tend to keep that from happening. Why do you I so blatantly launched myself at Alfeelo?"

I began to address the group.

"Anyway, I can solve the housing problem. I know Enfin like I know my name, and I have an easily exapansible home (pleasure of telekenesis). Just don't expect a place to sleep, unless you like sleeping on solid rock."

"Anyway, like I said before, I have some yelling to do."

I grabbed* the strangely mammalian Phoenix and start talking in that barely calm voice that usually preceded my screaming.

"Just who the HELL do you think you are? You just attacked them! With no plan, no thinking, no REASON. I should just throw you away to Velvod right now: let you mess up their plans instead of ours. "

It was vicious, and that last might get me stepped on, but I was barely getting into my stride.

Turning onto highway 5
ARPers: none

I turned onto highway 5 just as I was coming to an astonishing conclusion:

I was set up.

OCC: *From now on, when I say thing generally related to limbs, assume I mean that Dos is using telekenesis, unless explicitly stated otherwise. You probably knew that already, but just in case.
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