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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

Buneary and Sakyuu both launched their attack; except that Buneary actually managed to aim it downwards at the ground instead of right at Sakyuu in order to create a kind of tidal wave effect.

I had to admit, this little guy was very creative. He'd be a perfect addition to my team for sure. Nonetheless, Sakyuu's Sonicboom shockwave surely cut right through said wave, not planning on stopping or making any detours. It kept going straight for a while after, thus hit Buneary...actually doing a considerable amount of damage. With Flygon's Giga Drain attack, I had surely hoped this wasn't enough for the poor bunny to handle.

The next step of the combo had been executed a in a bit of an unexpected way; though then again, it wasn't as if I had Sakyuu even use Giga Drain ever before, anyway. The fact that the Flygon's body glowed with a bright, green aura was pretty practical, but said energy appeared to create vine-like extensions, coiling the Buneary and draining a bit of its life force. At least Sakyuu had a little relief in case Buneary had decided to come back with yet another counter attack.

And of course, my call was right--Buneary did just that. The chocolate-pelted monster spaced itself out a bit and got a small running start, then proceeded to jump considreably high into the air and kicked Sakyuu at about neck-level (I was a bit bewildered due to the fact that said kick pretty much resembled a jump side snap kick, a technique I learned and have been mastering in Tae Kwon Do). This, of course, caught her moreso off-guard than his last counter-attack--seeing that it was executed very quickly, especially from just a cute little bunny--therefore actually knocking her to the ground. I was a tidbit alarmed, but luckily she didn't seem to mind, getting right back up to her feet.

This was the perfect time. After a few seconds of contemplation before, I overhandedly threw the ball at the Pokemon (though I tried not to throw it too hard). With a light bounce against his ear, the ball opened narrowly in response and landed on the soft grass with a small thud.

As expected from Buneary's strong fighting spirit, the camo-ball wobbled violently for some time, then suddenly came to a halt with a barely audible, but satisfying "click."

Holy crap. My first Pokemon I had ever caught in the park. Yeah, you can damn-well bet I was estatic.

Out of almost second-nature I started to make my way towards the new teammate with the intention of picking the ball up, but Elisa had beat me to it, putting it in her bag. At this, I stopped in my tracks with an "oops" feeling in my gut. She then unzipped her messenger bag and cautiously placed the Pokeball inside.

"Congratulations!" Elisa praised, smiling. "As per park policy, I'll have to hold on to this until the end of the run, though. Rest up for a moment or two, if you'd like. Then, we could continue down this path or head off to the greenhouses over there."

"Hm? Oh, that's okay!" I dismissed. "I totally understand."

I proudly walked over to Sakyuu, who was sitting rather patiently despite just having gone through a bit of a tough battle. Being a foot or so taller than me, she lowered her head a bit.

"Great job, girl!" I praised, petting her scaly forehead. "You did awesome. Keep it up, okay?" She chirped happily in reply. I dug through my bag and carefully pulled out a Pecha Berry which she happily received.

I laughed a little. "Yeah, she really likes these things, which is why I bought a few extra." I rebutted to hopefully eliminate any questioning the Ranger may have had as to why I was wasting a pretty useful berry.

I hesitated a bit. "By the way, sorry about the little incident with Supersonic. Hopefully you guys can forgive me for my careless mistake," I chuckled lightly.

"Anyways," I started, advancing back towards Elisa and Archer. "Let's continue on! I'm excited to see what's ahead."
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