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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Blizzek

Gender: Female

Species: Charizard

Side: Renegades

Age: Unknown

Description: Blizzek looks completely different from a normal Charizard. The flame on her tail is silver and blue. Her icy blue scales look and feel like ice, which also helps her fly faster and resist almost all of the weaknesses of a normal Charizard. Blizzek's eyes are emerald green. The skin between her wings is silver. Ice has appeared on her back, tail, head and arms from the strange energy around her.

Personality: Blizzek can be unpredictable because of her split personalities, but she is usually kind. She can enter the mind of another Pokémon, which helps her in battle.

History: When Blizzek was born, her parents thought that she would never survive on her own because they lived in a volcano and she was an ice type. Primal Dialga found Blizzek and her parents and destroyed their home. Blizzek and her parents went to live inside of a cave on Mt.Avalanche. Primal Dialga found them again and did the same thing as the last time, but Blizzek's parents died and Blizzek was trapped in the cave. She became lonely and was giving up hope. One day, Blizzek heard a voice. The voice said, "Blizzek, you must never give up hope. I will always be here for you." After that, Blizzek evolved into a Charmeleon. She suddenly had a vision, a memory, actually, where Primal Dialga killed her. A year later, Blizzek evolved into a Charizard. She also had the power to escape from the cave. Primal Dialga saw her escape alive and was surprised that Blizzek was fully grown. He knew that Blizzek would want to attack him because he killed her parents, so Primal Dialga tried to find and destroy Blizzek. When Blizzek and Primal Dialga were in the same place, Blizzek felt power inside of her and she transformed into someone else. She launched herself at Primal Dialga, who directly hit her with Roar of Time. Blizzek went strait through the attack and hit Primal Dialga so hard that he fell backwards. Blizzek fainted from the impact. When she woke up, Blizzek saw a Dratini staring at her. That Dratini, named Sapphire, became her partner after Blizzek started to feel better.

Other: Blizzek is actually a Delta Species. That makes her an ice and flying type. Blizzek can also transform herself into her guardian spirit, Freezeil. Freezeil is an ancient ice dragon who was killed by Primal Dialga, who pinned Freezeil down and use Roar of Time on her weak spot.