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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Allison Katniss Xanatos
Endless Forest

I awoke.

All I could see were trees. I was agitated; I could not shake the feeling that I was supposed have people with me. I then realized that even if I was correct in my assumption, I had no way of knowing who these people were, or even for that matter, if they were human.

I then realized my rule number one: I hated not knowing.

I decide to get the feeling for this place. To know it would be a big help.

I lithely climb one of the trees to see around me.

I find the highly rewarding sight of more trees.

I climb down again, still trying to shake that unshakable feeling that at least SOMEONE should be with me.

I reach into my gray sweater pocket and find a throwing knife. Not exactly the most common thing to find on a 19 year old girl.

I feel the knife in my hand and on some strange fancy, I decide to throw it at a tree. I haphazardly choose a groove.

And land it dead center of where I wanted it to go.

Note to self: I throw knives.

As I turn around after extracting the knife from the tree, I see it.

Only for an instant, but I still see it. I am so sure that it was real, but it vanished.

I saw a village.

I decide that the direction I saw the vanishing village in was as good as any, and I walk.

OCC: SOAR was gonna let her in, but had a few second thoughts about a girl carrying throwing knives who threw what they were sure was perfectly.
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