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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

“Do you see Ashley and the others anywhere?” Kiseki asked after entering the crowded church, bringing Caroline to scan the large room as well.

“They’re in front of the casket.” Ichiru said as Caroline looked in the same direction, seeing that Stefan, Damon and Lexi were over there as well. The group moved forward then, politely walking passed groups of people.

"Hey..." Ichiru said as the group turned around to look at him, seeing everyone was now there.

"Hey." Ashley said as everyone looked back at the casket. A few moments later however Ichiru wrapped his arms around Ashley and held her tightly, bringing her to do the same. "Thank you for being here." Ashley whispered in his ear. For days Jeremy had held in his emotions for the sake of staying strong for both himself and Ashley, but everything instantly came crashing down as he began to shake while looking down at John, tears falling down his face as Bonnie wrapped her arms around him, the young Werewolf crying hard on her shoulder.

"Oh my God... John told them, didn't he?" Jenna asked in shock as she looked at the group, referring to John telling the twins that he was their father. Stefan was the one who nodded his head, knowing what she had meant. Tears filled her eyes as well as Alaric wrapped his arms around Jenna. After a few minutes the priest of the church asked everyone to take their seats, bringing everyone to sit down silently. Around fifteen minutes later the priest called for Ashley to come up to the front of the casket, the brunette asking to say a speech beforehand. Ashley nodded, raising from her seat and walked over to the casket, turning around and looking at everyone.

"I would like to say first is thank you to everyone for coming today and showing your support; we wouldn't be able to pull through another death in our family without everyone coming together in the darkest time of my family's life. John was an amazing man, always putting others before himself. Sometimes he came across as a man who was cold and careless, but the true John was actually loving and cared for others. You just had to break through his shell to see the real man behind the mask.

"John didn't die in vain; he died as a hero. He had sacrificed his life to save my friends and I from a wolf who had attacked us in the woods, throwing himself in front of the animal while he told us to run and get help. He sacrificed himself to save his children and their friends." Ashley paused as people began to whisper to each other about the last part, the room confused at what she had meant. Once the room quieted down however all eyes focused back on Ashley, all of them desperately to have her explain what she had meant.

"John was actually mine and Jeremy's biological father. He had us when he was only a teenager, so since his older brother was a doctor he took care of the paperwork, saying that Jeremy and I were actually the twins of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert. Jeremy and I knew that we were adopted but only kept it to our family, deciding not to tell anyone else, though no one had ever told us that John was our actual father until a few weeks ago." Ashley paused again for a few moments to let the shock everyone was feeling to pass.

"Again, I would like to thank everyone for coming here today; it really means a lot. Thank you." Once Ashley began to take her seat again everyone in the room began to applause her, a lot of them crying from the awe of her speech. More minutes passed until it was finally time to place John in his grave, which was right next to Ashley's and Jeremy's adoptive parent's grave.

Time passed, John now completely buried in his grave as people walked up to the tombstone to place flowers over the soft dirt, along with Grayson's and Miranda's graves as well. When it was Ashley's turn she walked up to John's grave and knelt down, placing the red rose on top of the other roses.

"Thank you so much dad." Ashley whispered as tears pooled her eyes, looking at the grave for a few moments before standing up and looking at the other, walking and kneeling down at Grayson's and Miranda's grave. The tears in her eyes finally slid down her face, placing the two roses on their graves and looking at the tombstone's words for a few long moments, standing up not too long later and walking back to everyone. Stefan reached up and gently wiped away the tears on Ashley's face, bringing her to give him a small smile.

"If it's okay with everyone I would like to leave tonight." Ashley paused as she looked over to Jeremy, Bonnie, Alaric and Jenna who were placing down their roses, then back over to her friends. "I just need to spend as much time with them as possible before we leave."

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