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Default Re: 5TailedDemonLizard's Art :)

Wow, Meg... You are amazing at drawing. o.o Little bit jealous over here! But really, your colouring is beautiful, your lines are really smooth, and your poses are really nice.

Bahaha, offending people with yuri. XD Funny, though. I just went to someone's gallery woh was like "I don't draw yuri/yaoi" and it's the first thing on your list! I love humorous contrasts. I think the armoured woman has a torso which is perhaps a bit long, and I've noticed that her boots are shaded as if everything there is 3D. However, to keep it one-tone and boot-like, you should shade it all in the same place, so that each fang, for instance, isn't shaded separately. Am I making sense? xD

Your Sobek Ra is amazing... I LOVE the pose, and the muscle shading is great. The lines are so very smooth, and I love the goatee! XD And the shading on it is awesome. The proportions are well done as well. The colours work well, and overall it's just really visually appealing. I love the glowy thing between the horns as well. You did the reflection on the further-away horn really well, but it needs to be more pronounced with light shading on the head under the glow, since you must not forget that it's an artificial light source, also creating more shadows. A few light sources can be confusing, but can be really effective if done well. :D

I loooove the Guardian one. It's amazing. The black with the blue is really well paired, and I love the design. However, the back legs confuse me. Are they bent? Is the front-on view leg bent and the knee, so we're looking at the knee downwards? If not, then I'd say the legs are much too short and they need to be longer, and in a more supportive (of the body) position. But yeah, otherwise, it's really cool. ^^

The Nightmare Weaver is also really well done, and I love the face! Those flames are awesome, and the teeth are great. I love how the tongue snakes out; you drew that really smoothly too. :D I think, if you're wanting to get that smooth snake-like look, you'll need to have the light shading 'sharper' and not cloudy like it is now. But I love those eyes on the wing. o: Very interesting. Did you design most of these? I don't know about the left (our left) wing's dark shading I think it gradually needs to get darker as it descends, and maybe some light shading as a sort of overcoat, or, not that...more like a general shading bit of shading like the general descending dark shading. xD I don't know if that makes sense. But I love this one.

I really like the Mewtwo as well. However, I want you to try something. Maybe for your next piece, make the dark shading darker than you usually would. It's just that something about your pieces makes them look a bit flat. I think your lines, although awesome, don't go into the drawings and a lot of the time, your poses are rigid and the type of shading you do doesn't help that. Try to solidify a light source so that you don't accidentally pillow shade. A really good thing to do is take a look at sprites, which I know you work with. The official sprites, although a LOT of the shading is stupid and really general, have really defined light sources, and the shading is a good indication of what should be shaded in what way and what shouldn't.

Anyway, I probably rambled. xD But overall I love your art. I would give you the advice to perhaps look at some other shading styles, and to make your lines not so rigid. They're great, don't get me wrong, but they lack some freedom. (I totally did not just write 'freeness' until I realised it wasn't a word. xD) But yeah. ^^ I'd love to see more! LIKE A FLAREON! 8DDD

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