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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Thank you, karma. You know my pains with the politics of product regulation. Dip would be a hard one to fight against; the campaigns that fight tobacco in general don't fight dip to the same degree due to it's unpopularity in comparison to smoking. Which is why I smoke pipe tobacco in rolly form.

Not the point tho--Skylands, thank you--SHORT and to the point. Not long winded (like myself).

From Lusankya - Oh, and guess why Medicare has to be cut? It's because the US now has some of the lowest income taxes it has had decades! You are exhibiting the classic fallacy: "I should pay less to the government but the government should pay me more!" It doesn't work that way. Money for Medicare has to come from somewhere. And if you are going to whine about taxes being too high, it is complete hypocrisy for you to complain about cuts to government services when the US is now saddled with the highest debt-to-GDP ratio it has ever had. You can't have it both ways. Either you get low taxes and low services, or you get high taxes and high services. I shouldn't even have to tell you this, it's basic economic sense.
Okay... if you're going to treat me like an idiot, I'll treat you like and idiot back. It's the Golden Rule. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself. Because you're not treating me like an adult, you're treating me like some stupid (euphemistically known as ignorant) hick. And you're not acting like an adult like you say you treat everybody here (even though you blatantly know that this is a Pokemon site, and over half the active users are probably in middle school or high school), you're acting like a late high school or college student.

There is a thing called a Medicare tax. Arguably a tax, because it runs a little bit like Social Security, but regardless of how much you make, you pay it out of your pay stub. And since it's taken out of your income to pay for a government service (which is fine with me, it's a vital and beautiful service considering the crap old folk had to deal with prior to WW2), it's arguably an income tax. Aka. A tax that's taken out of your income.

OH--And since you're an adult now, take a quick look at your pay stub. Do you have a paystub? OR, are you still in school? If you're in school, either your parents pay out of pocket, started a bank account when you were young, or you're on FAFSA (which is payed by taxes, or done by loan through the state, federal, treasury, etc. (depends on the loan)), which then, this wouldn't apply to you since you're technically not employed, but a student. Which is a different class of citizen. Somebody that pays for school, or is paid for school to get a good paying job, which in turn helps the economy. It's government insurance to get good educated workers by having good students. Employees pay 4.2% of their paycheck to SS. Employers pay 6.2%. If you make a ridiculous amount of money, the max amount you pay per check is capped at $110,100/yr, starting in 2012, which is up $3,100 from 2011 (This only really concerns businesses and Bill Gates)... Oh, if you're self-employed, SS takes out a couple digits over 10% (ouch, sorry). I don't remember, I'll have to look it up in my tax book. Medicare takes out 1.45% of you income and has no cap at all (which is nice, considering how much some folk really need it). These taxes regard EVERYBODY. So even though, I'm only giving about (*pulls out calculator*) $150-$195 a year to Medicare (You can now calculate that I make less than $20,000/yr lol), every other person is too, probably a lot more, I don't make much considering. Which evens out to a decent, government made, insurance policy. It's nice, it sorta' works, and despite it struggling, has been tickin' for over 40 years. This in consideration that not everybody uses Medicare, only when they need to. Usually when they're old or poor (the term, "tappin' my medicare for what it's worth"). Which is FINE with me. It's a GOOD, NECESSARY system that helps people save for the future, whether good or bad in outcome.

So yes... I know Medicare comes out of taxes. But did you know that there's a special tax for it simply called, Medicare? Same with Social Security. Who would've known?

Anyway--I'M NOT ARGUING ABOUT HIGH TAXES, STOP DEVIATING FROM THE POINT. I'm headed for tax school late next year, to hopefully become a consultant in 3 or 4 years. I know what taxes are!!! OH MY GOSH!!

My argument is credibility.

Say one thing--
--do another.

Nothing more. Which doesn't make anybody great. Mediocre at best.

I'm also saying, politicians are like metals. They'll always be metals. By-products of metals. But in the end. Break them down--they're still metal.

I'm not saying Obama's horrible. I'm just saying he isn't everything in the world. No politician really is. I make cracks about every single one, sort of like Jon Stewart or Colbert (just not as funny). I'm very cynical, I'm sorry if my existence offends you. Example: Bill Clinton=Slick Willy and George W. Bush=Bush is a Snatch, both play on words, I make lame jokes, I'm sorry...

...But going back to Medicare... Cutting Medicare essentially means, "We're taking the money we promised you through our federal insurance system, and are now using it to save our own hides or pay for other things." Which in turn hurts the healthcare facilities and economy. Again, one of the strong points in we have financially. Job loss, oh well... I think we're used to it by now. There's always Stimulus Packages! They come from the air! Woo-hoo!

I'm not complaining about stimulus. Nobody complains about free money. But it only helped a little bit overall, if anything. And quite possibly devalued the dollar some, it's basic economics, I dunno. Let me ponder that. But it was an attempt to slow the recession, which is okay. Attempts are fine, Dow and Nasdaq just dropped... Fishsticks.

And I know promises Presidents make are almost pointless. Every Presidential candidate makes outrageous promises somewhere; to believe all of them is just plain silly. The President, upon starting his term, probably goes into a room with the executive board saying, "I've got these great ideas, gee-golly." They respond, "That's great, Mr. (or Mrs., I wont be sexist) President. But here's the reality." The President responds sadly, "Fishsticks."

But with your infallible knowledge and insight on politics and the government, I thought you knew there were a few taxes that got taken out of income regardless of how much you make. It differs from state to state, but the principal is the same. Income Tax is a fact of life, same with the IRS. Don't act like you're God and know everything, when you yourself is simply ignorant on the basic things like a pay stub.

Fun Fact: There's also an Unemployment Tax on your Unemployment Check.

Fun Fact #2: Everything is taxable. Imperial England in London tried to tax the air, due to bad industrial air quality.

I'm not saying I know everything. I don't. Far from. Do I need to say it any other way so you understand the words that I'm typing?

EVERYBODY is ignorant to some degree. It doesn't matter how much you know by the books or by the street. So please don't verbally attack somebody by calling them ignorant (euphemistically naive/stupid), and act all but hurt offended by "oh my gosh, not everybody agrees with you." This is a forum. Everybody is entitled to their belief, whether you like it or not. SO, if you're going to try to call somebody anything, and treat them like they're stupid, because they don't agree with you...'re no better than Fox.

And I'm sorry for hitting below the belt by saying that.
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