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Default Re: Art n Stuffs | Updated; 13-12-11

Originally Posted by Gem N Ems View Post
I think a lot of people forgot it was here. xD Or they just don't look.

Bleach...uh, you mean Nnoitra? Yeah, he's pretty creepy. Unless you mean Orochimaru from Naruto? There's a few creepy guys with tongues. x3

Yeah, I love my sketches. It's about all I have time for these days, and while I should be practising my colouring, I prefer working on anatomy by drawing sketches. Especially hands, which I need to work on. xD
And naaaah, you're good! You pop in here from time-to-time and that's fine by me.

Lol. Thank goodness it's back to normal!
Nnoitra. I recall I commented on DA how creepy he was. Another nickname I have for him is "Wind Catcher" because seriously - his outfit with that big disk...I imagine him just getting knocked over out in wind. Lolz. Orochimaru is up there, though.

Yeah. Work on one thing at a time, so that way you won't overexert yourself <3 Frankly, I have to get over my fear of using the whole paper before I can attempt to draw anything decent XD

Yeah. Ghost mouse scares me :P
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