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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

OoC: Kei gave me permission to do a time skip to a few days later.

IC: After splashing him again, Kiseki felt Caroline wrap her arms around him and pull him closer to her until there was no space left. The Vampire felt his cheeks begin to burn almost instantly, although he ignored it as the blonde connected her lips with his softly, gradually deepening the kiss. After a few long moments she pulled away to look at him, although she still kept her arms wrapped around him.

"We should really shower and go over to Ashley's so we can make sure she's alright, but later tonight when everyone else is asleep then we can continue from here if you want to." She said with a sweet smile, bringing the blush back to his face, although he managed to return the smile with a slight nod as Caroline washed her hair and the rest of her body before getting out to give him more room. He heard her leave the bathroom a few moments later as he proceeded to take his own shower.

"Hey." Kotomi and Isobel looked up to see Caroline come downstairs, both of them giving her a smile in response.

“Good morning.” Isobel was the first to greet her. “There’s some fresh coffee in the pot if you’d like some before we leave.”

A few minutes later, Kiseki stepped out of the shower, wrapping a rowel around his waist after drying off and heading into his room to change. Kotomi and Isobel spotted him coming down the stairs a few moments later, putting his dirty clothes in the hamper before returning to the kitchen to retrieve the coffee he had left on the counter.

“It certainly took you awhile to change.” Isobel commented, giving her son a knowing look. Kotomi giggled softly when Kiseki’s face turned bright red, and he averted his gaze from his mother stubbornly.

"Yeah... everyone could use a fresh start." Ashley responded, although the smile she had given in response to Ichiru‘s joke disappeared shortly after as she looked away, bringing Ichiru‘s to do the same. A heavy silence fell over the group then, although Bonnie broke it a few moments later.

"Are you okay?" She beat Ichiru to the question, putting a hand on the brunette’s shoulder.

"I'm fine..." Ashley responded, putting the sandwich and glass of alcohol on the table in front of her. "I'll eat in a little while." She leaned back and rested her head on Ichiru’s chest, the group looking at each other in concern.

"Let's go hang out upstairs for a while... so Ashley and Ichiru can have time to themselves." Stefan said as the rest of the group nodded. Damon placed the bag full of blood pouches on the other couch and followed the others upstairs, leaving Ichiru and Ashley alone. The weight of everything that had happened was starting to effect the dark haired teen as well, but he tried not to acknowledge it, instead wrapping his arms around the brunette and softly running his fingers through her hair.

For once he couldn’t think of anything to say. It didn’t seem as though there was anything that would make the situation better, or that could cheer Ashley up. Or maybe he was just thinking that because he was a little discouraged himself? This wasn’t right. Everything was over; they were supposed to be happy. Was it really too much to ask just to live peaceful and happy lives together with their friends?

A few days had already passed since the night of the sacrifice, and although things had gotten slightly better, the overall mood was still grim. Ichiru, having already showered and gotten dressed, looked up at the clock in the kitchen. It was only half an hour before John’s funeral, which had been arranged to take place that day. Part of him hoped that with this all of the sorrow could slowly begin to go away as the emotional wounds in everyone’s hearts began their healing process, but something told him once again that it just couldn’t be that easy.

“It’s already almost time, huh?”

The dark haired teen looked up at Isobel as she sat down on the couch opposite his own spot, giving a mere nod as he looked away at the ground. He had stayed with Ashley for the past few days to try and cheer her up, and simply because he didn’t want to leave her side at such a time, but today he had come back to his own house in order to get ready for the funeral.

“Having separation anxiety?” Ichiru felt someone sit down on the same couch as him, looking over to see Kotomi on the other end of it. “You’ve barely left Ashley’s side the past few days, so you’re probably already worried, aren’t you?”

“Yeah…” Ichiru gave the slightest hint of a sheepish smile, although it faded shortly after. “With everything that’s happened, I’m worried about how she’s dealing with it. It’s been a few days already, but still…”

Isobel and Kotomi looked at the floor as well, silence falling over them for a few long moments before Isobel finally spoke.

“Well once Caroline and Kiseki are ready, we can go ahead and head over there, so you’ll be able to see her again in a few minutes.”
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