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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Originally Posted by Redlark View Post
Lol, Well, I got news for you--because I know how to shop, tobacco only costs me less than $10 a month. Smoking is a choice, and I chose to smoke. Because I like the taste. It's relaxing and it's the best time to think and have 10 minutes to myself. It doesn't make me sit around and ponder my face like pot. Doesn't hurt my bills, intelligence, or liver like beer. So you know what--I hold my cig up high lol (I never in my life thought I'd post that here).
Which is great for you are all, but extrapolating to the general population based off of your own experience is a trademark of the partial and politically ignorant. That's why universities conduct scientific research.

And in other news for you--because Medicare got cut, my company had to shut down two facilities in my region. Supposedly we weren't hit as bad as a couple other companies, but either way. That's facilities being lost, caused by people that rely on medicare leaving the facility because they can't afford the proper care they need. And budgets in healthcare providers being cut. Which comes back to facilities being shut down. Which leads to job loss, overcrowding in some facilities, and higher unemployment, which leads to lower incomes, which leads to lower budgets for healthcare on the patient end... I'm ranting... either way--that's a job loss of about 100-150 people in decent paying to good paying careers. And usually careers that offer benefits and what have you.These people are forced to lose their insurance and get jobs flippin' burgers at McDonalds. Luckily I pulled myself out of the fast food circuit and lucky enough to not be a part of the facilities that got shut down.

But who cares, right? The working population can suck an egg, right? It's only our HEALTHCARE system that we depend on if we get in a car crash or get cancer. We all plan to go to school and live forever. We're invincible--nyan.

So you know what--tell your mother you don't care about her medicare when she dies. There are bigger fish than taxes. There's civil liberties, healthcare, education, and international politics.
Oh, and guess why Medicare has to be cut? It's because the US now has some of the lowest income taxes it has had decades! You are exhibiting the classic fallacy: "I should pay less to the government but the government should pay me more!" It doesn't work that way. Money for Medicare has to come from somewhere. And if you are going to whine about taxes being too high, it is complete hypocrisy for you to complain about cuts to government services when the US is now saddled with the highest debt-to-GDP ratio it has ever had. You can't have it both ways. Either you get low taxes and low services, or you get high taxes and high services. I shouldn't even have to tell you this, it's basic economic sense.

But I got a personal question, why are you so trigger happy to bad mouth Moonkit?
Because the only thing I despise more than blatant ignorance is ignorance of one's own ignorance. The least anyone can do is at least acknowledge the fact that they are ignorant and not go around spouting opinions based on hilariously wrong facts that a simple Google search proves wrong 2 minutes. Not that I myself am immune to thinking that I know more than I do, but at least I usually have the decency to check up on my "facts" before I post them.

I don't know the age of 99% of the posters on this forum, so I treat everyone in Discussion as though they were logical adults that are informed on the topic they are discussing.

Obama sucks, let's face it. I lost hope and I now have less change in my pocket. Bush was bad, but Obama's the same dance different song. Do I like Bush, no. Do I like Obama, yes. Does that make me a hypocrite? No. It's makes me open minded.
And what makes you think that Obama should be able to wave his hands and instantly make the economy all better again. Why the hell do you believe that the President should be responsible for everything that goes on during his term? Obama inherited the economic crisis from Bush and he has done a damn fine job of preventing it from being even worse than it is now; if any President should be blamed for your pocket having less money, it should be Bush. But you shouldn't any President, because they aren't omnipotent. The forces at play in the economy are nearly impossible to foresee and even more impossible to control. Once a bubble forms, it is economically impossible to get rid of it safely; there's nothing anyone could have done to prevent the housing collapse that lead to this whole mess. Blaming the President for the current economic climate is simple, easy, and horrifically wrong.

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