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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Though its only three posts, its a hell load of words I gotta read...through my (about2persent) dyslexia...-dies-
I shouldn't have just logged off without looking here first.

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Fox is a hilarious joke of a news source, if impartiality were in your vocabulary you would know that.

Quick question: Did you actually listen to his speech, or are you just going off of what you've heard other people say he's said? I have my money on the latter, because otherwise "your eyes" are hilariously terrible.

I've got news for you: If you're at the income level where the tobacco tax is a large enough percentage of your income that it can make you go broke, then you are poor enough that you don't pay any income tax anyways, and in fact the government probably pays you more than you pay it. If paying 62 extra pennies per pack is enough to break your bank account you're at the income level where complaining about government taxation is the height of hypocrisy, as half of the government income is going towards giving what is basically free money to your income bracket.
The gross thing about this: I reas pennies as -other word for a dudes nuts that I dont want to say here- -3-

Now, I say, go on the fox website and say that. You'll probably be said wrong by at least two hundred people, more or less.

I actually, honestly, listened to most of his speech. You can't expect someone with even as much ADHD as I do to sit and listen to a what, two to three hour speech without either changing the channel or going to another room out of boredom and being all crazy. I did, hear, however that he was going to get the military people back home, and he's done that for few. With the two other wars, the people are probably back wherever the hell bombs are blowing up. If you think my eyes are terrible, then bingo, I need glasses then you're wrong. Sure, I need glasses, but I'm not deaf, I heard every word he said...that I was listening to.

Honestly, its not just tobacco. Its also food, the small amount of candy we get each month or two, all the crap my dad buys for his truck, auto repairs, taxes, hell, even school crap. There are most likely more things that I can't remember, but whatever. We arent exactly broke, but we might be in a matter of years if crappy prices keep getting higher which is why we dont go to Fred Myers, their crap is overpriced. A pair of blue shoes, two sizes too small, was somewhere in the 60-80 dollar range.

Originally Posted by Redlark View Post
Lol, Well, I got news for you--because I know how to shop, tobacco only costs me less than $10 a month. Smoking is a choice, and I chose to smoke. Because I like the taste. It's relaxing and it's the best time to think and have 10 minutes to myself. It doesn't make me sit around and ponder my face like pot. Doesn't hurt my bills, intelligence, or liver like beer. So you know what--I hold my cig up high lol (I never in my life thought I'd post that here).

And in other news for you--because Medicare got cut, my company had to shut down two facilities in my region. Supposedly we weren't hit as bad as a couple other companies, but either way. That's facilities being lost, caused by people that rely on medicare leaving the facility because they can't afford the proper care they need. And budgets in healthcare providers being cut. Which comes back to facilities being shut down. Which leads to job loss, overcrowding in some facilities, and higher unemployment, which leads to lower incomes, which leads to lower budgets for healthcare on the patient end... I'm ranting... either way--that's a job loss of about 100-150 people in decent paying to good paying careers. And usually careers that offer benefits and what have you.These people are forced to lose their insurance and get jobs flippin' burgers at McDonalds. Luckily I pulled myself out of the fast food circuit and lucky enough to not be a part of the facilities that got shut down.

But who cares, right? The working population can suck an egg, right? It's only our HEALTHCARE system that we depend on if we get in a car crash or get cancer. We all plan to go to school and live forever. We're invincible--nyan.

So you know what--tell your mother you don't care about her medicare when she dies. There are bigger fish than taxes. There's civil liberties, healthcare, education, and international politics.

Eitherway... Obama's not the Messiah as some people have actually stated. I'll only vote for him if he's the best option on the ballot. In the meantime--who I vote for is dependent on who wins the primaries of both sides. This includes both Dem ans Pub, we'll see who the better of two evils are.

But what I'm trying to say is back to what I originally stated.

Does he deserve to win? Probably not.

Will he win? Most likely. Despite his track record, he's got a strong contigency of voters that'll back him.

But I got a personal question, why are you so trigger happy to bad mouth Moonkit?

Obama sucks, let's face it. I lost hope and I now have less change in my pocket. Bush was bad, but Obama's the same dance different song. Do I like Bush, no. Do I like Obama, yes. Does that make me a hypocrite? No. It's makes me open minded.
My parents would have posted that, if they knew how to sign up for this xD

Hell, my dad's friends might go from the trucking industry to Mickie D's (Yes, I did just call McDonald Mickie D's...its what I say irl xD). Honestly, all trucking is is caring stuff from FOOD to WOOD for furniture. Its not like we need it, eh? Same with HEALTHCARE. All the people can go **** themselves and die. Break your arms, we'll cost you -random amount of money here- to fix it, and you probably don't have that much. Get canser, and we'll cost you more.

Honestly, I agree partially on the 'Obama sucks' thing. He's no Osama, though his name is one letter off, and I normally joke around with their names irl, but either way, he's no killer, rapist, etc. (Firefox spell check thinks Osama=Obama misspelled)

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
While I do think you are rather uneducated in this subject, I do understand you. Starting off young in a debate can do that to you. =) Just stick with it, listen to opinions (of both sides) and research facts, and you will become educated faster than you would ever believe.

Obama sucks? Is that because he is open to same-sex marriage? Hay now, let us keep this PG rated. ;)

But, I will face it, and deny it. Obama does not "suck." Obama, despite a lot of pressure, is doing relatively okay as president. He would make a better choice than someone like Sarah Palin or Rick Perry. *shivers*

Now that you don't have 60 cents, you won't be able to afford that 1 dollar taco at Taco Bell! OH NOEZ!!! Seriously though, you are complaining that the government is making you pay more to kill yourself.
Thank you, for notising that I'm probably not old enough to be debating about half of these subjects, but don't give a crap and do it anyway.

I agree with you on the Sarah Palin/Rick Perry thing. Completely.

-Guilty of not caring about the tobacco tax that I been yelling about-
But honestly, if someone gonna smoke, they gonna smoke, even if it makes them go broke along with the other crap.


I am Tokyokit, and I just wasted about 30 minutes of my life writing this.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-
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