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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post
Wanna say that to Fox and BBC, etc.? Honestly, I don't really care if those wars were already in effect. He didn't call a truce, which, in my eyes, he was trying to say when he made that big speech. He made at least two other wars, the ones that Red already stated.

The tobacco tax is making half of the people my parents know go broke. I swear to god, if this continues, we will be broke as well. Its not like I'm going to go up to my parents and slap a cigarette out of their hands and yell at them so we can make the amount of money we should be, which still isn't that what, 250,000 we need to make to not have as many taxes and the crap.

Heck, after he was elected, half of my classmates went to all-out rage mode except for those who voted for him uhhh...God I just forgot...-fool ness-
Fox is a hilarious joke of a news source, if impartiality were in your vocabulary you would know that.

Quick question: Did you actually listen to his speech, or are you just going off of what you've heard other people say he's said? I have my money on the latter, because otherwise "your eyes" are hilariously terrible.

I've got news for you: If you're at the income level where the tobacco tax is a large enough percentage of your income that it can make you go broke, then you are poor enough that you don't pay any income tax anyways, and in fact the government probably pays you more than you pay it. If paying 62 extra pennies per pack is enough to break your bank account you're at the income level where complaining about government taxation is the height of hypocrisy, as half of the government income is going towards giving what is basically free money to your income bracket.

Yeah--actually the tobacco tax, coming from a fellow smoker, doesn't get people to quit. It's better quitting options or services that really pay off. All the tax really does is force cheap *** smokers like myself to turn to harsher and cheaper forms of tobacco, aka. bulk and rollies. ie. no filters... which in turn rips apart the lungs.
Oh, that must be why there are numerous studies showing that the cigarette tax decreases the smoking rate, right? I've got news for you: for every 10% increase in the cigarette tax the teenage smoking rate decreases by 7%, and a four percent reduction in smoking overall. And when Wisconsin raised its cigarette tax the number of people calling its government-funded quitting-smoking hotline increased 10-fold?

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