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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Nyan Cat's the Devil...

Yeah--actually the tobacco tax, coming from a fellow smoker, doesn't get people to quit. It's better quitting options or services that really pay off. All the tax really does is force cheap *** smokers like myself to turn to harsher and cheaper forms of tobacco, aka. bulk and rollies. ie. no filters... which in turn rips apart the lungs.

Either way--I want to make it clear, I'm not arguing for or against our President, since he is saving the federal government $135 billion dollars to save the deficit over a period of 10 years. How? Cutting Medicare and Medicaid. I work in a long term healthcare facility and think this is AWESOME. That money to save your grandmamma from dying of stroke is better spent elsewhere. Since, looking at the federal government sites, black book and black budgets have gone up... wait what? Either way, screw the hospitals. Health is overrated.

I know the bulk of you don't care about Medicare now, but you'll regret it 50 years down the line. I promise. We all die at some point. I promise that too.
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