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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

True, but still a tax. I'm a smoker, which means I'm paying more taxes now than before. Then the promise of--"Not raising taxes," should've been stated as a, "I'm not going to raise taxes, except very specific sales taxes and etc. and so forth."

Roughly twice as many people died under Obama in Afghanistan than Bush (oh well, not big news), we've declared war on Yemen (not that big of an enemy, but still a nation under our bombs, but idc), we've randomly sent troops to Uganda (again, nobody cares), and we're sort of in war with Somalia (most people respond, where's that? I don't care.)...

The amount of war has stayed the about the same--a lot of it just too dry for major news coverage. Most people just care about the Kardashians and Nyan Cat.

All I'm saying is Obama's a politician at heart. He's really good at getting people to like him, like most politicians (some are horrible at it). But, just because he says he's going to do something, doesn't entitle him to do so. He's the president. He can do anything thing he wants. As Clinton essentially stated in a 20/20 interview, he did things because he could. Which I suppose includes lying under oath in federal court. But who am I to judge?
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