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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Your ignorance is appalling. I don't know how you can possibly conceive of yourself as someone capable of making an informed judgement call. Literally none of the so-called "facts" you have spouted are correct in the slightest. Afghanistan and Pakistan were in conflict before Obama ever got to the Presidency and America has withdrew from Iraq, bringing down the total number of conflicts the US is in. There have been a grand total of 0 tax increases that Obama has implemented. Please, if the only place where you get news from is hearsay from your little ring of friends, keep your opinion to yourself so you don't come off as so much of a fool.
That's not true--soon after Obama took office, we saw the highest raise in tobacco taxes EVER, just months after he said there'd be no new taxes... give me a sec, all I have to do is google this crap if you want me to find some more, I'm sorry Lusankya.

Joe Biden then said... no new taxes for anybody that makes less than 250,000 a year. Which only really sucks for anybody that actually worked their way to the top only to be garnished through the *** with taxes

Which counts as new taxes for any big wigs. Not me obviously. But--

Also, statistically smokers are found more commonly within the lower income sectors. So really... I can argue that him and the gov have pinched the lower class to a higher degree than before secretly.

Either way... this hits home for me, I'm a smoker. And it royally hit a bad nerve when he banned clove cigs...

Tobacco is also one of the strong growing businesses in the US (despite that it kills people with cancer), we shouldn't be weakening a strong American business, ultimately losing potential tax money for more important things. That's just illogical.

And if you want to fight me on fact checks, my small group of friends are BBC News, NBC, CNN, and the Cross Burning Station (CBS). Sometimes Fox... maybe Yahoo...

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