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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

“I know… I honestly thought though that we were all going to make it through. We planned everything perfectly, but all along Klaus was a step ahead of us with his Vampires and who he had selected to be part of the sacrifice.” Ashley was quiet for a few long moments after Ichiru had spoken, but she finally responded, releasing the dark haired teen and wiping away her remaining tears. “Let’s just go sit by the fireplace and relax.”

Ichiru gave a mere nod, easily sensing the mood coming off of the brunette as she took his hand and guided him downstairs. Of course, who could blame her for being upset after so much had happened?

Back at the twins’ house, Caroline peeked around the shower curtain shortly after Kiseki had spoken, giving him a sweet smile in response.

“Good morning.” She said, pausing for only a moment before speaking again. “I think you need a shower.”

“Wha-” Kiseki didn’t have time to respond before the blonde threw water at him with a giggle, leaving his head and shirt wet. He blinked, obviously caught off guard at first, but after a moment he laughed as well, flicking water off of his hand at the blonde as he smirked. A few moments later he found himself jumping into the shower with her to splash her back. Seeing Caroline alive and happy completely washed away the lifeless image from the day before that had been haunted him. He never wanted to see something like that again, and he would make sure he never did.

Kotomi walked downstairs a few moments later, bringing Isobel to look up at her, offering the younger girl a smile.

“Did you sleep well?”

Kotomi nodded, returning her mother’s smile as she walked into the kitchen, glancing at the mug of coffee Kiseki had left on the counter in question.

“Kiseki said he was only going to change, but he’s been up there for awhile already.” The older Vampire said, indirectly answering Kotomi’s thoughts on whose the mug was. She looked back up at Isobel as she leaned against the counter like Kiseki had.

“I heard his and Caroline’s voices coming from the bathroom upstairs.” Isobel looked at Kotomi for a moment before chuckling softly.

“That’s a bit unlike the Kiseki I remember… Ichiru must have influenced him.” She joked, bringing Kotomi to laugh softly. Even now, she couldn’t really remember any of her childhood memories with Isobel and the twins, which bothered her. Every now and then she would have a flashback while she was sleeping, but they were always short and somewhat blurry. But that was better than nothing, right?

“We come with presents.” Back at Ashley’s house, Ichiru and the brunette had only been downstairs for a few moments before the front door opened and Damon, Stefan and Lexi entered, Damon carrying a sack over his shoulder.

“I can smell the blood.” Ashley said as she looked down, and due to how close he was to the brunette, Ichiru could both see and feel her body begin trembling from the hunger. Damon quickly put the bag down as Stefan grabbed one of the blood pouches and handed it to Ashley, bringing her to rip off the corner and quickly drink all of the blood. Lexi quickly did the same, ripping the corner off herself and handing it to Ashley, who made quick work of that one as well. Damon followed suit, although this time Ashley drank the blood at a more normal pace, and her body stopped shaking.

“I feel a lot better now.” She said with a sigh of relief as she looked at the others, bringing Ichiru to relax a little as well while Jeremy brought her a large sandwich on a plate.

“Try eating this. It will help with the cravings.”

“We have something else for you too that will help with the cravings.” Damon said as he walked over to the bag and pulled out the three large bottles of Bourbon, placing them on the table in front of Ashley.

“Thanks.” The brunette said with a small smile, taking a bite from the sandwich. A few moments later, Bonnie approached with a clear glass of Bourbon and handed it to her. Ashley took a sip from it, cringing almost instantly after and giving a cough. Her reaction reminded Ichiru of the first time Kiseki had drank any alcoholic beverage. Even now that he was used to it, he still didn’t drink it much.

“It’s a bit strong…” Damon said with an apologetic look.

“It’s okay.” Ashley took another sip, bringing Bonnie to pour more into the glass. “After John’s funeral we need to leave Fell’s Church for a while; too much has happened. Bonnie and Jeremy could stay here and finish school, raise the baby and start their lives. Whoever wants to come with me then feel free to, because I’m not staying here to finish high school. Once I finally get adjusted then I’ll go back, though it won’t be here. I’ll have to bounce around high school after high school since I can’t be in one place for too long due to me never aging.”

Ichiru looked at the ground, although he nodded along with the others. He could easily tell that Ashley was upset - depressed, even. Her aura wasn’t shining with the bright colors it normally possessed, instead dark and dull.

“Well you know I’m not going anywhere.” He finally spoke up, looking at the brunette with a slight smirk. “You’ll have a hell of a time getting rid of me if you wanted to.” He paused for only a moment before continuing. “Regardless of the reasons why, a fresh start might be a good idea right now anyway, after everything that’s happened…”
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