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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Daniel Conleth
Undecided, Recruit
Outside the Great Hall, Everlastia

What Daniel Conleth first experienced outside his own dimension was an almost surreal parody of his own land. Indeed, instead of feeling any pain upon landing upon the ground, Daniel found himself within a second between his jump into the portal and his arrival standing on a road paved through vast woods. Entirely unlike The End had been described, he came to the conclusion that he had in fact jumped into a different world entirely. Cursing his luck, he came to another conclusion seconds later, finding that his plans for returning to Chandur, and maybe even his home dimension, were dashed.

What was stranger however, was what differences this dimension held to his own. Like his land, there were certainly trees and dirt, and there was a sun overhead. But these things had an extremely foreign and alien appearance, being unlike his world of blocks and the block-like. This world held more detail, molded into a variety of shapes entirely new to Daniel. What was stranger was his own appearance, which had changed along with the land. His hands and feet had taken the appearance of whatever humans inhabited this land, being detailed similar to his surroundings. His clothes wrapped around this new form, the woolen fabric having wrinkled and lost it's straight faces and edges. Instead of being shocked however, he found himself strangely curious about this new world, it's aesthetic and shape having it's own charming qualities. Dawn, who was now sitting by his side, was also entranced by the duo's new surroundings.

Regardless, some things had not changed, and he found his armor to have retained the qualities of his own land. Taking off his helm to see if that had changed The distinct corners and lines of the armor contrasted the landscape harshly, but for the sake of having protection he placed the helm back on his head firmly. He also checked his inventory sack, the shape of which had changed but the contents of which not so. Everything was inside the leather sack as it had been before, so he tied the bag shut.

Finally, The Spirit of the Tunnels remained in it's own form, as it had been when he had first built it. He held the blade in his right hand, and clenched it's hilt tight. He now remembered that in all worlds danger lurked, and so he oriented himself and became more attentive of his surroundings. Looking down the road, he found it to be the only path to follow. And so he moved forward, taking his first steps across this foreign ground.

It only took a few minutes to find what the dirt road led to. A dramatic change from the picturesque beauty of the forest around him, he found himself on one side of a wooden bridge, crossing a slow river that cut a border between the forest and the Gothic structure that lay ahead. A massive, ancient castle, its walls lined with ivy, was directly ahead of him. Massive wooden doors with unfamiliar runes carved into them stood as the entrance to this keep, the height of said doors being an intimidating sight. His wolf growled at the structure, finding the building an ominous one.

This spurred Daniel into gripping his blade further and preparing himself for what lay inside. Be it friend or foe, Daniel was not sure. But he knew that what lay beyond those doors was something he was now determined to discover.

OOC: You guys make me so guilty for rushing you now. I just don't like it when I flesh out a character and don't use him at all. It's happened to me thousands of times. Anyways, just make good, somewhat frequent posts, ok?

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