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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Vincent Gunhold
Endless Forest

He should be panicking, he knew.

Just around 30 minutes ago, Vincent woke up in this seemingly endless forest, with his (was it his? He had no idea) black attaché case and without his memories. He didn't remember his past, and all he could remember about himself was his name and job- a cook. And he had no idea where he was either. The forest was lush, certainly- but it was strange to say the least. As a cook he looks for anything edible, but the forest looked like it had nothing but rows and rows of trees and grass, all identical. The situation that he found himself in was baffling, and Vincent found himself at loss to what he should be doing now. Should he take a risk and move, or should he stay still?

But he wasn't angry, or upset, or even annoyed. Oh, he was confused when he woke up, of course. But he just spent around half an hour to learn about his surroundings and more importantly, himself, and what he had in hand. From what he had checked, his black suitcase contained a lot of cooking tools. The thing that caught his interest the most, though, had to be a two-feet-long kitchen knife. He grabbed by its handle, and it felt like an extension of his own arm rather than a simple tool. He tried a few experimental slashes on some grass growing from the ground, and it felt smooth and graceful. (Note to self: don't lose the knife. Don't.)

Vincent scratched his head absently and let out a yawn. He was relaxed, even in a seemingly bad situation like this. He had to make a decision now, though. After lying on the comfortable bed of grass for a few minutes he stood up abruptly, choosing to walk forward and gamble on a chance of a village. Grabbing his black suitcase, he walked cheerfully towards a random direction.

He couldn't tell how much time passed, but from the horizon he began to notice a difference in color- he had finally found a village. Grinning, he began to jog steadily, excited to be out of the somewhat dreary, if relaxing, forest.

Endless Forest


Lisa woke up with a gasp, cold sweat pouring down her fragile body. What did she just dream about? She almost started crying before she realized she couldn't remember her dreadful nightmare. Yes, she tried to convince herself, it was just a nightmare. Nothing real. Her heart was still trying to burst out of her ribcage, but after a few bouts of deep breathing it started to calm down, along with herself. She was fine.

After steadying herself, she took a look around her surroundings. It was an endless forest with only trees and grass to see from every direction. More worrying, though, was her lack of memories, as she attempted to remember how she got here. It was like someone mind-wiped her memories, and kept just enough of her to be considered the same person. At least she remembered her name- Lisa. She didn't remember her last name, but she supposed it should come soon enough.

With her memories wiped, she was afraid- and she just wanted to get out of here, this endless wave of green. Wanting to forget her predicament through action, she broke into a steady run, hoping there would be a village nearby. Sure enough, when she was getting too tired to run she found a village appearing in front of her. Happy to be out of the endless forest, she approached the village.

OOC: I'll write a SU for Lisa soon, I'm just tired tonight and want to get this post up ASAP.
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