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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ione (Iolanthe)
Apprentice, Light
Mess Hall, Everlastia

“I… I dunno…” Rush finally managed, his facial expression matching those so perfectly. He was confused, that much was obvious. Somehow though, Ione felt disappointed by this reply, as if she’d been subconsciously hoping for it to be positive…

Any thought trains that may have started were instantly derailed when the cafeteria doors were opened. The sound of overlapping conversations was the first and only thing one could possibly hear. The numerous students inside were, for the most part, seated at a table, eating and chatting away. Locking in on a single exchange was next to impossible; the same voice was never heard twice. This endless noise made thinking an unviable task, and Ione could feel a slight headache coming on.

"His heart is...divided, in a way. When he was little, something happened to his homeworld, something bad, and it hurt him a lot. This is the result, but it's not his fault...please, don't blame him." The brunette tried her best to explain, and was more enlightening then her friend. Her voice was quiet, and making the words out had been strenuous considering all the noise around them.

"I..." the boy had started, but was swiftly interrupted by the sight of a nearby collision. Two students, one a complete stranger, the other, however, was easily recognised. Although she hadn’t seen the events leading to their crash, seeing the magic book lying on the ground helped piece things together. Slightly concerned, Ione watched them, but was satisfied when they exchanged dialogue, proof enough that things were okay. She paused for a moment, why were her thoughts so… mothering hen today?

"Idiots. Both of them." The Angel spat, clearing unimpressed with the sight before her. "Half the Guild's hero at the moment and he lets himself get plowed over by some kid who pays more attention to his feet than the area in front of him while he has his face shoved in abook... she took a pause, and her next words were much gentler in nature.
"That... I don't mean for it to happen--I don't want it to happen, but sometimes... Sometimes it's just too strong for me to fight back, no matter how hard I try..." the boy’s words sounded so… scared, sad, maybe even regretful.

Ione tore her gaze from the unfolding scene, suddenly feeling a cascade of emotion. Nausea was quickly setting in; the heavy odour of lunch was only making it worse. Darkness, there seemed to be no more of an obvious culprit then that. She couldn’t help but feel sympathy for this character, but remained silent. That queasiness was… the girl swallowed… getting hard to control. She wanted badly to get fresh air, however, knew leaving at this moment wasn’t a good idea.

“You have my understanding, don’t worry,” Iolanthe finally said, still unsure if responding was stepping out of line. Hopefully though, it would help ease the tension and draw the same from Rush. Now pale, she turned her attention to him, silently urging the boy to speak.

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