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OOC: I forgot you need a crew name to put that in your sign up also please.

Pallet Town Docks

Well as the sun goes down slowly and are ship going the right way Blaziken and Breloom find themselves finally leaving off on their journey. As they had started to leave Blaziken had spotted something hiding near a barrel a blueish color. "Hey Breloom whats that hiding near that barrel over there." "What I don't see anything." "That blue thing it just went away looked like a pokemon." "Ha ha Blaziken your a funny guy yo you must be seasick already ha." Breloom had laughed with stupidity. "Hey I know what I saw I think one of the other teams pokemon was spying on us keep a eye out." "Ayeiii Captain!"

So sailing Blaziken goes to the front of the deck as he watches the sunset slowly he thinks of something. "Dang I forgot to get paint to write are crew name on the flag."

"Wow really thats not good but, what was your though of the name Blaziken."

"I was going to name are crew the TrailBlazers."

"Hmmmm that has a nice ring to it I like so when we get to Cinnabar island we can just get the paint and other supplies there. Yeah and maybe we can find another person to join are team at Cinnabar island because we can use some teammates now."

"Alright Breloom lets not get a little over yourself here will see if we can find someone but, they have to have sometype of skill thought. So we will see but, anyways let me prepare something for us to eat then we can take a little nap because we can't be letting are guard down to other ships."

"Alright Blaziken just a little to concerned alright I'm going to go be on the look out deck for now."

"Alright good then," I said as I went to are small kitchen as I though to myself. "Wow usually Breloom is very cool and not concerning but, he seems very worried about the team early. Well I try to keep that out of his head. I gotta take care of him. Yes I am the leader and I have recruit and get gold at the same time. We got a lot to do," as night comes by it starts to get dark little by little as I finish cooking a kind of poorly made dinner I got out on the deck to serve Breloom who has fallen asleep.
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