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Exclamation read the name and guess the type used

I've noticed since the third generation most of gym leaders and elite four trainers don't have a normal human name. Their name commonly derive from a type of Pokemon they like to use. This first happened in the second generation, but expanded greatly in the third generation. In Johto, Bugsy that uses bug type Pokemon and Pryce that likes to use ice type. Their name suggests the type of Pokémon they'll use, so I think that upon being born the midwife said "Oh, he'll like to use bug, so name him Bugsy".

In the third generation:

Brawly - His name derived from the word "brawl". He likes to use fighting type.
Wattson - "Watt" is a unit of power defined as one joule per second, measures the rate of energy. Wattson uses electric type Pokémon.
Flannery - "Fla" of "flame". Coincidence? She uses fire type Pokémons.
Norman - Norman is a Normal name, and he uses normal type Pokémons.
Glacia - Easy shot, "glacial". As the own name suggests, she uses ice Pokémons.
Phoebe - Her name reminds the word "phanton". She got a lot of ghost Pokémons.
Drake - "Drake" is dragon in Deutch. He uses dragons.

In the fourth generation:

Gardenia - It looks like "garden". She uses grass Pokémons.
Byron - Reminds me iron, and he likes to use steel type.
Candice - Cand-ICE. she likes to use ice type Pokémon.
Volkner - Vol from volt. He likes to use the electric type.

In the fifth generation:

Burgh - a variation of Bug, like Bugsy. He loves bug type Poke´mon.
Elesa - Ele from eletric, eletricity. She uses electric type.
Skyla - SKY-la. Obviously she uses the flying type Pokemon.
Brycen - Or should I say BrICEn? He likes to use ice type.

What I want to say after all is that there's no more creative names like before as Gary, Giovanni, Blaine, Erika, Surge, Lorellei, Bruno, Chuck, Jasmine, Whitney, Koga, Will, Lance, Karen and Agatha, for example. Once the idea of naming is out they just check out the type used and make a name with it.
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