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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

“Bonnie let me have her blood. I pulled myself back so I wouldn’t cause any damage to her or her baby.” Ashley responded to Ichiru, her answer putting him at ease. At least this didn‘t mean that she had attacked Bonnie, and she had even been able to control herself as well.

“Are you feeling any better though?” Jeremy asked.

“A little…” After a few moments’ pause, Ashley responded with a nod, slowly standing to her feet, which brought Ichiru to do the same. “I just need some blood pouches and something to eat downstairs; normal food.”

“Let’s go see how you stomach human food then.” Bonnie said as he stood up, bringing Ashley to nod.

“Do you think the others are awake? Maybe Elijah could bring over some blood pouches.” She said, and a heavy silence fell over the group then. Ichiru looked at the ground from his place beside the brunette, the image of the Original’s dead body coming back to mind. “What’s wrong?”

“We didn’t want to tell you this right away… Elijah is dead.” Jeremy responded, and Ichiru looked back up to Ashley, who appeared clearly shocked.

“What? What the hell happened? What happened to the plan?” Ichiru noticed Jeremy flinch from Ashley’s sudden anger, and he put a hand on her shoulder, preparing to restrain her if she lost control and tried to do anything due to her heightened emotions.

“As I was running towards Klaus to kill him one of his Vampires snapped my leg in half. Stefan then took the dagger to try and do it himself but Elijah knocked Stefan out of the way and did it himself.” Ashley seemed to calm down after Jeremy spoke, and Ichiru sensed the switch in her emotions as she looked at the floor.

“So many people died just because of this stupid sacrifice.” She said softly as tears began to run down her face. She was right, though; several of their friends had suffered or been killed for the sake of the sacrifice. All of them had suffered, really but some had even had to give their lives… Even Jeremy’s and Kiseki’s transformation into Werewolf and Vampire had been because of the sacrifice. Isobel had been forced to work with Katherine by using the twins as a threat, and Elijah, Scarlet, John, Amy and even Ashley’s adoptive parents had all died because of it.

The dark haired teen snapped out of his thoughts when he felt Ashley wrap her arms around him and begin crying into his chest, bringing him wrap his arms around her as well, holding her tightly.

“It’s okay, it’s all over now.” He told her softly, although in truth he was just as upset about everything as Ashley was. He had tried not to let all of the tragedies revolving around the sacrifice effect him, but after so much happened, it all started to pile up. Somehow, now that everything was over, it made it sadder than when everything had happened. Maybe because of the knowledge that those lost weren’t here to celebrate the victory with them? “It’s not fair that so many people had to suffer because of this… But if they were able to talk to us, they would only tell us to be happy and enjoy the freedom.”

The sound of the upstairs shower made both Kiseki and Isobel pause, looking at each other for a moment. They knew this meant that one of the girls had gotten up, but they didn’t know which one. The shower would probably wake whoever was sleeping, so it wouldn’t be long before they left for Ashley’s.

Kiseki put down his coffee mug and turned toward the stairs, bringing Isobel to look at him in question.

“I’m gonna go get dressed.”

Isobel nodded, watching the younger Vampire disappear upstairs. Kiseki made his way toward his room quietly, not knowing which of the girls had gotten up. His bedroom door was still open, since he had forgotten to close it back when he had come downstairs. However, this let him see that Caroline had already gotten up when he arrived at the doorway, which let him know that she was the one in the shower. Somehow, he couldn’t seem to forget about the day before. But then again, how was he supposed to forget his girlfriend dying right in front of him?

The worry somehow led him to the upstairs bathroom, although just to be sure that it was Caroline inside, he had checked Kotomi’s room as well. The dark haired teen had still been there, but it looked as though she had already woken up, which meant she would probably be downstairs soon. Kiseki found himself slowly opening the door, although he gave two soft knocks out of habit.

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