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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

Footsteps were heard coming from the hallway as they came closer, Ichiru stepping in the bedroom a few moments later as Ashley looked at him. Ichiru walked over to Bonnie and healed her wrist, then turning and walking towards Ashley as he knelt down beside her.

“What happened?” Ichiru asked.

“Bonnie let me have her blood.” Ashley responded. “I pulled myself back so I wouldn’t cause any damage to her or her baby.”

“Are you feeling any better though?” Jeremy asked. Ashley didn’t responded at first as she made herself become under control, though the feeling of not eating for days brought pain to her stomach and muscles.

“A little…” Ashley said as she nodded, slowly standing to her feet. Her body stopped shaking as the calm breathing helped, though it was clearly shown on her face that she was hurting from being hungry and weak. “I just need some blood pouches and something to eat downstairs; normal food.”

“Let’s go see how you stomach human food then.” Bonnie said as he stood up, bringing Ashley to nod.

“Do you think the others are awake? Maybe Elijah could bring over some blood pouches.” Ashley said, though when Jeremy and Bonnie looked at each other with troubled looks however, confusion washed over Ashley. “What’s wrong?”

“We didn’t want to tell you this right away… Elijah is dead.” Jeremy responded as Ashley’s confusion turned into complete shock.

“What? What the hell happened? What happened to the plan?” Ashley asked, her emotions heightened as anger quickly rose to the surface without her meaning to. Jeremy flinched slightly at his sister’s sudden anger.

“As I was running towards Klaus to kill him one of his Vampires snapped my leg in half. Stefan then took the dagger to try and do it himself but Elijah knocked Stefan out of the way and did it himself.” Ashley’s face softened at Jeremy’s words as she calmed down, depression quickly flowing through her as she looked down.

“So many people died just because of this stupid sacrifice.” Ashley spoke in a small voice as her eyes burned, tears slowly running down from them. John, Scarlet, Elijah, Amy, even Ashley’s and Jeremy’s adoptive parents from when Katherine caused the car crash to have Ashley stay in Fell’s Church. It was even the sacrifice’s fault that Jeremy turned into a Werewolf and Kiseki into a Vampire, due to Katherine once again from when she caused that car crash as well. Katherine had also forced Isobel to be her partner, so a lot of this had to do with Katherine as well.

As Ashley thought about everything she buried her face in Ichiru’s chest and began to sob a little, wrapping her arms around him as Bonnie and Jeremy silently left the room to let Ashley and Ichiru have a few minutes alone while they made Ashley some food.

Caroline woke up with the sun shining through her eyelids, so instead of opening them she turned her body to the side so she could wrap her arm around Kiseki, but when she felt that there was nothing there she quickly opened her eyes and sat up in a panic.

“Kiseki?” Caroline asked in a low voice as she looked around the room.

“Do you think Ashley has woken up by now?”

“She probably has. I’m sure Ichiru and the others have everything under control, but once Kotomi and Caroline wake up, we can go over to check on them.” Kiseki’s and Isobel’s voices were heard from downstairs, bringing the blonde Vampire to sigh in relief as she allowed herself to fall back against the pillows silently. Caroline couldn’t remember much of what had happened last night, only that she had been stabbed in the chest and then waking up in Kiseki’s arms as he was crying over her. Everything seemed to happen so fast, though Caroline didn’t know what exactly happened to her. She heard Lexi say that the tree branch only skimmed her heart, but Caroline was confused about the whole situation. Did she actually die and come back to life? This question was going to eat away at her for a very long time, and since she was a Vampire, a very long time meant eternity…

With a sigh Caroline stood up and retrieved some clean clothes to take a shower, exiting the room and walking into the upstairs quietly so she wouldn’t wake up Kotomi. The curly haired blonde took her hair out of the ponytail and let it fall down against her shoulders, leaving the door closed but unlocked encase Kiseki wanted a shower as well before stepping under the warm water after taking off her clothes.

OOC: i'll do Stefan's, Damon's and Lexi's part in my next post XD
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