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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

The next morning came quickly, Ichiru being roused from his sleep with what sounded like a soft thud. He turned over onto his side to avoid the blinding sun shining through the window and slowly opened his eyes. He didn’t even remember falling asleep the night before; he had been trying to stay awake in case Ashley woke up in the middle of the night but must have dozed off . As he came to his senses and his mind went back to the brunette, he realized that she was no longer in the bed, which made him sit up quickly, the thud that had woke him up coming back to mind. The scent of blood greeted him as well, bringing him to get up and quickly head down the hallway toward Jeremy’s and Bonnie’s room.

The door was already open, which confirmed his thoughts. As he stepped inside, he saw Bonnie holding a hand-towel to her bleeding wrist, and Ashley sitting across the room with her back against the wall, taking deep breaths. He walked over to Bonnie and healed her wrist to lessen the scent of blood before kneeling down beside Ashley.

“What happened?” He knew this question was unnecessary; it was obvious what had happened just by beveling the situation. But he still asked anyway. Regardless of what had happened, unless Jeremy or Bonnie had thrown the brunette off, she had been able to restrain herself and not kill Bonnie, so she was already off to a good start.

Kiseki opened his eyes, being greeted by the bright morning rays of the sun. Somehow it seemed like everything that had happened the day before; Ichiru being compelled, the sacrifice, everyone’s deaths… it all seemed like it had been a bad dream now. If only that were the case…

It felt strange to wake up and not worry about Klaus, Katherine, James and his Vampires, or anyone else coming after them. Aside from maybe a random Supernatural creature passing through, all of the threats were gone; it was all over. The only challenge they had to face now was helping Ashley adjust to life as a Vampire, and even then, that wasn’t really that much of a challenge, considering she had already shown an exceptional amount of control the first time around, aside from the very first few minutes when she woke up.

After a few more moments of simply lying there thinking, Kiseki finally got out of bed carefully, so as not to wake Caroline. What had happened the day before still haunted him; the image of Caroline’s lifeless form with the familiar grey skin and veins was burned into his mind. Part of him thought that this was the dream; when he had seen her that way he had honestly thought that after he left that field he would never see or speak to her again. He felt tears begin to sting his eyes at the thought, but quickly blinked them away. She was right here with him and perfectly fine. There was no reason to worry about what had happened.

A soft sound from downstairs, brought the dark haired teen to finally go down to the living room, where he saw Isobel pouring a mug of coffee in the kitchen. Somehow this felt strange as well; it had been so long since he had come down from his room and saw his mother in the kitchen. The older Vampire seemed to sense his presence, turning around to look at him with a smile, which Kiseki managed to return.

“Is Caroline still sleeping?”

Kiseki nodded, entering the kitchen and leaning against the counter as he looked at his mother.

“Did all of that stuff…really happen yesterday?”

“Unfortunately…” Isobel responded, taking a sip of her coffee. “Today’s peace seems unreal, doesn’t it?” Kiseki nodded, giving a soft chuckle.

“It seems like this is a dream, and when we wake up in the morning we’ll have to go through with the sacrifice all over again.”

“I know what you mean. It’s hard to believe that everything is really over.” Isobel placed her mug down on the counter, turning to pour another one and offering it to the younger twin.

“Do you think Ashley has woken up by now?” Kiseki asked after taking it.

“She probably has. I’m sure Ichiru and the others have everything under control, but once Kotomi and Caroline wake up, we can go over to check on them.”
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