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Default Re: Getting Gengar, Alakazam, or Golem in FireRed?

Originally Posted by Swampert Guy View Post
ActionReplay when used will leave residual info in the flash memory of the catridge

You won't participae of any Nintendo oficial event once they'll be able to check out that you used those codes.
its funny that the member who asked this question is banned and we are still talking about it. to be honest id say less then 15 percent of battlers on this forum will ever go to a nintendo battling event so this wont be a problem.
Also the question was how can get the pokemon without being able to trade. The answer is he saves, legal isnt a term that is applied here. I wouldnt suggest using it to get every pokemon, but if you have no way of trading for something or will never get access to trading saving is perfectly fine.

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