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"Ok everybody i have brought you here today to discuss something"Nex said pacing around softly in front of his crew Munchlax'Porygon'Elekid'andVoltorb."That something is mewtwo's treasure"Everybody gasped"thanks to Munchlax we were able to get this info from a Blaziken and a Brelloom thats why he is promoted to first mate and so i will also assign other ranks so Elekid is cook""Oui oui"he said determined"And Porygon and Voltorb are Raiders you know the people who get the treasure"I said."SWEET!!!!" Porygon and Voltorb shouted in unison"NOW EVERYBODY HOIST THE FLAGS CLEAR THE PORT AND STARBOARD AND SET OUT TO GET THAT TREASURE"

Like a Baws

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