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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

(This was all typed up on a whim. So, yes...Behold the power of "winging it". I also do believe I have the longest post for a single character EVER. ...She comes out sounding a bit evil... O.o' )

Seemingly Endless Forest That We All Know Actually DOES End...Eventually

"So, you remember everything I've taught you, right?"

Attack your enemies ruthlessly. Beat down their defenses and demoralize them.


Show no mercy.

"Very good. You'll need to remember those lessons and use them well."


"Because the boss is not happy with you."

What did I do wrong? Did I not train hard enough? Did I say something that insulted him? I don't want him to be unhappy with me! What is the reason for his anger?

"The reason...Is because you exist."

Because I exist?!

"You are flawed. We created you to be the perfect Pokemorph, capable of turning into anything and combining what you want at will. But you are severely flawed...You have no long range attacks."

I know that. I'm trying to learn some more.

"You cannot shift completely. You can only change certain parts of you body, and only with certain species, and even then you are limited with how many you can combine."

I'm learning! I can do anything he wants if I have more time! I can-

"THERE IS NO MORE TIME! We've given you eighteen years! You need to succeed, NOW, or you WILL DIE!"

...I...I don't want to die...

"No one does. We have talked to him...And he's giving you one last chance."

I'll take any chance I can get!

"Good. Now listen, and listen well. For if you fail..."

I will be dubbed a failed experiment and destroyed.

"Yes. For you are, and always will be, an experiment. Nothing more, nothing less. Is that clear?"

I am...Experiment...I have always understood my position...

"What the hell was that?" A rather loud voice, clearly in the alto range, barked out from a figure who was seemingly just lounging on the ground. She stared at the sky with dark grey eyes, mouth turned in a frown as she had an unmistakably frustrated look on her face. She wasn't quite sure what was going on, but all she knew was that that dream both frightened and angered her. Since she wasn't really the one to show fear, she opted to instead show her anger.

Feeling thin blades of grass covered in a soft dew, she snarled. Grass...? Her eyes strayed to her surroundings further. Thick trees rose up around the clearing she was in, their olive colored leaves grasping towards the bright sunlight that shown down from above to feed the plant life sustaining nutrients. The sky itself was a perfect blue with one or two wisps of clouds - cumulus, perhaps? - strolling lazily on their morning walk.

Or afternoon, maybe? She wasn't one for time.

Groaning on realizing she was in a forest, she sat up, glancing down at her white outfit and hoping the grass hadn't stained it. Honestly, she probably wouldn't be too irked about it if it was, but still. It had white long sleeves with a white vest that possessed a black line going down the middle, with another circling her torso. Did she forget the similar trimmings on her sleeves and her very plain shoes? Oh, and for some reason there was a hole in the vest on each side. It certainly wasn't bullet proof, but then again her whole outfit wasn't. She was wearing white leggings beneath the skirt, for Arceus' sake! She even had two slits on the back, and...Well, there was another, but she wasn't inclined to say where it was.

She wasn't going to win any fashion contests anytime soon, that much was certain. Although the gem that sat on her chest swirled in so many colors, it added some much needed color to the outfit. There was only so much she could do with her rosy complexion (she was sure her face was like that too, as her hands were that color). She could really see what her hair was, but her mind pictured it being brown and straight, framing her face and dropping to shoulder length.

Yep. She wasn't special at all.


My name is Experiment. It seems so goofy, but...I feel comfortable with it. But what had that dream been about? One last chance? Death? Being a failure? I don't understand any of it. To make matters worse, she couldn't really remember anything but that dream, her name, and the image of a Scyther. Why would I remember that big bug? Fully standing up, she decided to walk and figure things out from there. Sitting around wasn't doing much for her mind, and she was just growing increasingly annoyed with the entire situation.

Of course, the one path she happens to choose is blocked by thick vines. Oh, sure, she could simply walk around the blockage, but now she was furious. Nothing stood in her way like that and got away with it! So, she decided to hit the vines with her fist and when that didn't work, her foot. She didn't expect that to succeed either, so it came as no surprise when it didn't.

Scowling at the vines, the image of the Bug/Flying Type came to her mind. She thought it was a marvelous now that she thought about it, although those wings couldn't possibly carry it anywhere. Her attention was drawn to the long sickles they had for hands. Lousy for picking anything up, but for slashing...Those scythes would be really nice to have right now. It'd be perfect for clearing those vines!

And now she felt...Off.

Glancing down at her hands, the source of tingling, she shrieked as they were suddenly malformed. It wasn't just her hands, however - her lower arm felt odd too. Stumbling backwards and onto her rump with an unceremonious "oof", she watched with gross fascination as they quickly returned to their original shape. Wait...What did he say in that dream? "Shifting parts" I focused on the scythes...Does that mean...? Well, one way to find out.

Focusing on the imagine once more, she watched with much more confidence this time as her arm and hands lengthened and filled out, turning a brighter green. She felt a sharp substance expand from her elbow, but it was very noticeable as it formed into scythe, although it wasn't anything near the Grim Reaper's weapon - it still didn't look like it should be messed with. At the same time, the gem on her chest seemed to have shifted to a light green color as well, although she didn't really understand why nor did she think it was particularly important.

She was glad, though, that her sleeves seemed to have made with her transformation in mind, as there was enough room for the scythes (although given, the largest part was out of the sleeve anyway. Plenty of blade left). Grinning, she brought the weapon down on the vines, a gleeful sense of satisfaction ringing in her mind as they cut through so effortlessly. This is what I'm talking about! Suddenly having an idea of what the holes on her back were for, she focused on the wings of the Scyther, feeling the same tingling sensation as before.

But when she opened her eyes, nothing had happened. She tried again, and again, but try as she might no wings would appear. Frustrating...Is this what "flawed" truly meant? Pfft. I'll get it in time. I'm just tired and confused. Walking forward, she trudged along the forest, slashing trees down should they get in her way. She truly enjoyed the feeling of power she had over them, of being able to decide should they live or die. It crossed her mind that she didn't see any other life, but she figured that because she was making such a ruckus, they wouldn't come near her anyway and stopped thinking about it.

An hour or so later - again, she was bad with time - spotted a difference in color. Narrowing her eyes, she could make out wooden buildings. A village? Well, that was good. Maybe now she could get an answer as to where she was exactly. Grinning a bit maliciously, she picked up the pace and began to jog. After all, if they wouldn't answer or weren't much help, she could tear something up or maybe make them lose an arm if they ticked her off.

She had, after all, not put her scythes away. She wasn't stupid enough to walk into an unknown village, in an unknown forest, out in the middle of an unknown land, unarmed even with a mostly unknown past. Oh no, she wasn't stupid...And she'd make anyone who thought she was regret it.

Yes, I do remember everything you taught me...Even if I don't remember who "you" are or pretty much anything else about myself.
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