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Pallet Town

"Hey Surge come here, I think something's wrong with her."I said. I saw a dent in my boat ,Lady Garnet II, but when he wasn't responding I punched the boat and to my luck the dent went away. "Surge whats up you've just sitting up there while, we've been working down here!" Meela ,one of my crew, said. Sorry, but it's amusing watching all 'em other peoples work." he yelled from the crow's nest. Meela stuck out her tounge and Surge did the same." You two stop bickering! Where's Buzz where going to take off, that treasure won't find itself!" I shouted.
I was so pumped when I heard about Mewtwo. I mean so much gold and a new adventure that is competitive. "Eh, I'm over here and I brought cookies and other food. I think some ships have been spying so ya'll better watch out." Buzz said from behind some trees holding some bags that said 'Pokemart have a nice day'. "I also got a map of Kanto." he put in afterwards. "Come on everyone get in the ship I have a few things to say."
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