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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

The next morning came as Ashley finally opened her eyes, feeling like someone was hitting her over the head with a hammer. Her attention went down to her ring that was on her finger, confused of what had happened last night. Was it all just some crazy dream? The brunette slowly got out of bed and walked over to the window, opening the white curtains to let the warm sun enter the room. The sun shined on her skin as she looked out onto the street, though she had to squint her eyes due to the sun irritating them.

“Jeez…” Ashley whispered to herself as she turned away from the sun, feeling that she was unnaturally hungry. Her gaze shifted to Ichiru’s sleeping body before she exited the room, walking downstairs and into the kitchen. Different emotions she was feeling were bouncing off of the walls right now inside her; confusion, fear, rage she couldn’t explain, sorrow… it all turned into one thing, which was hunger and blood lust. No… last night had to be just some horrible nightmare. The brunette wouldn’t let herself think that anything last night happened, and she stubbornly dismissed that she was a transition Vampire as she raided the kitchen in both anger and desperation so she could kill this hunger that was inside of her.

“I’m not a Vampire… my friends are alright; John is alright. Klaus is still alive and nothing happened last night.” Ashley said to herself stubbornly as she gathered a large amount of random food and placed it all on the counter. As she was quickly making herself a large roast beef and cheese sandwich she could smell the blood in the roast beef, bringing her to back away from it as she panicked with her fingertips instantly going to her gums. She could feel something long and solid that was right above her canine teeth, feeling discomfort in her mouth as these solid objects in her gums began to slowly move against her fingertips.

“Please no…” Ashley quickly walked into the downstairs bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, seeing the feint veins underneath her eyes that Vampires had when they were hungry or just smelled the scent of blood, the fangs slowly piercing out as her gums bled. The brunette could hear heartbeats coming from upstairs that were pumping warm, rich blood through their bodies as Ashley looked towards the hallway that was right outside the bathroom, her vision being able to pick out the most smallest and unnoticeable flaws in the wooden floor, now smelling the blood from upstairs.

Ashley walked out of the bathroom and up to the second story of the house, passing her own room and stood right in front of Jeremy’s, quietly opening the door and stepping inside. Her eyes fell on Bonnie who was sleeping peacefully, Ashley’s body shaking from the craving of blood as she slowly walked over to the bedside.

“Bonnie…” Ashley said as she tried to wake her up, though Ashley didn’t touch her or try to move at all as Bonnie slowly opened her eyes.

“Ashley?” Bonnie asked tiredly as she sat up.

“Bonnie I can’t control it…” Ashley said as tears ran down her face, her body still shaking as she willed up as much power to not lunge for Bonnie. The young Witch realized what was happening as she quickly shook Jeremy awake, the Werewolf knowing something was wrong. Bonnie reached over and retrieved Jeremy’s pocketknife from the nightstand, bringing the blade up to her own wrist.

“What are you doing?” Jeremy asked in shock.

“Ashley needs blood.” Bonnie said as she made a wound in her wrist, bringing Ashley to breathe heavily as soon as the scent hit her nose.

“Don’t do this… I won’t be able to stop.” Ashley growled through gritted teeth as her eyes changed completely black and red, the black veins fully visible underneath her eyes now as her fangs pierced through all the way.

“If I didn’t think you would be able to stop then I wouldn’t be doing this.” Bonnie said as Ashley tightened her fists, Jeremy’s heart pounding rapidly. Not being able to hold her body back any longer Ashley shot forward, taking Bonnie’s wrist and biting down deeply into it as she heavily drank. Bonnie let out a wince of pain as Ashley continued to drink, though a few moments later Ashley forced herself to use her Vampire speed and run across the room, her back hitting against the wall as she slid down onto the floor.

“You guys need to take away my ring so I can’t go anywhere.” Ashley said as her face went back to normal, though she was still breathing a bit fast.

“Just take deep, calming breaths.” Bonnie said in a reassuring voice, Jeremy quickly going into the bathroom and returning with a clean hand-towel. He gave it to Bonnie, who pressed it down on the wound of her wrist as Ashley did what Bonnie told her to do, the brunette beginning to calm down. Jeremy and Bonnie both knew that they needed to tell Ashley about Elijah’s death, but kept it to themselves for now since Ashley wouldn’t be able to handle it at this moment.
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