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Subject IX
Combat machine with possible applications as a Sona creator
WAE hedquarters, testing facility

"... Three... two... Perfect!" Said a male voice enthusiastically. The machine knew it as the voice of its creator. He was a strange man, definitely insane, working for a man that, somehow, had managed to convince an entire organization to work for him. The machine's creator, of course, only cared about his work; what the man did with what his research produced didn't seem to hold any sway. The machine had spent six long days running through an intensive testing course meant to both calibrate its weapons and develop its personality. Its secondary function, however, showed no signs of beginning, something that was written visibly on its creators face despite his apparent happiness.

"Call that guy with the creepy eyes and let him know the robot finished testing. 'bout damn time, thought that would never get done. What was that anyways, a box with hearts on it? Who the hell thought of that?!" What followed was a definite rant about the personality sections of the testing, and the machine could not blame his creator. They were ridiculous.

"What? Oh, right, the robot. Whaddaya mean it doesn't have a name?! 'Subject nine' my bankr-- Wait, this thing's still on. Good job, robot, we've got a special assignment waiting for you in..." There was a sound of shuffling papers. "Just go find the creeper with the red eyes; couldn't forget him if I bleached my brain. And you, yeah you; I remember, you were the one who put that box with the hearts on it in there, box. Stuff. Parking lot, car, goodbye, you're fired and I don't want to see you at the end of three minutes! Out!"

The machine started on its way, a feeling like a small amusement surging briefly through its circuits. But as quickly as it came, it disappeared again. The machine lumbered to a lobby and simply stood there, waiting. It knew that the 'Creeper with red eyes' would have to come this way when he was leaving. All the machine needed now was a little patience. And it was very, very patient.

((BLAHPOST, but it will get better when my other characters appear...))
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