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Default Fan Character and Original character discussion

I was gonna post some long-winded and awesome speech about the rise of fancharacters and all that crud, but I'll get right to the point. Here, talk about your fancharacters and original characters. My favorite out of all my FCs is:

Name: Spike(full name Spike Scarlet Primare)
Age: 16
Species: Mobian Cat
Height: 3 feet
Fancharacter For: Sonic the Hedgehog

Backstory: Spike always had a somewhat unusual ability. By watching any animated series, he could temporarily copy the abilities of one character for 30 minutes. However, he watched so many cartoons that he actually permanently gained the ability to warp reality. The only problem? He's nice and wouldn't hurt a fly, but he is a freaking moron. You have to see him in action to get a feel for his stupidity.

Abilities: Along with the aforementioned reality-warping, Spike can break the laws of the universe by walking underwater, climbing up invisible ladders, and walking home from a planet five thousand miles away at the LEAST. He also is completely invulnerable and cannot be killed. This is less of an important story point and more something that's played for laughs(Ex: "I just gave you a beating that would make SHADOW cower in submission, and you claim your HEAD HURTS?!"). He's not some legendary hero, just a moron with waaaay too much money and free time.

Other: He's a world class prankster. That is all.

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