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Default Re: Your Black/White Team?

my actual team on white: (german names are bracketed)

Emboar (Flambirex) Lv. 44

I have chosen him, because i had alreday chosen a Snivy in Black and i think Samurott is to ugly for my team^^ so i got the little pig^^

Galvantula (Voltula) Lv.44

i have chosen him because is was so sweet when he was a Joltik ♥

Reuniclus (Zytomega) Lv. 43

I liked it when I saw a Reuniclus the first time online.

Murkrow (Kramurx) Lv.43

I got him via Wifi^^

Carracosta (Karippas) Lv.43

I prefer Archeops, but I have alredy one in Black. But I think both fossil-pokemon are great in this generation ^^

Fraxure (Sharfax) Lv. 43

simply a cute one, and her evolution should be strong. the only girl in my party^^

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