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Default Re: ``Pokyriums Sprite ShowCase

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

I suggest posting new ones then, so that you can show us how you've improved. :] Also, you might want to, when you edit your posts with new sprites, also post them in a new post so that I know which ones are new and such. xD And that's okay. You're entitiled to your opinion, but remember that I am experienced, so my advice will help you.

Ooh...that drapion you coloured like a luminion? The shades are far too dark in many places, and I suggest you lighten the dark shades so that they fit better. The purple luminion looks great, though. :D And I really like the porygon-Z as well. Nicely recoloured. But yo usee how your bulbasaur has random pixels of light amonst the dark blue? You need to recolour them as well. Also, if you ever run out of shades (I notice you subtracted the light shading from the bulbasaur's head), you can always go to "Color" -> "More Colors..." and then "Define Custom Colors >>" and choose a lighter shade.

Feel free to post them in the General Spriter's Showcase as well. More people might see them there. :]

Thanks for the tip.

I put those little dots there because I probably thought it was matching with that color, Will fix. Also will touch up the Drapion.
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