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Default Re: Really Blizzard?

Voices, to your earlier post:

Yes, the botter might not feel bad. Why? Because he/she is a troll. Yes, they might not be there to enjoy the game, but I do completely agree with the charge. The mai idea here? Report. Don't take matters into your own hands, you are most definetly not a hero or a mod on WoW.

Just. Report. Next. Time. No insults, no getting peeved. You've been trolled, and the only way to stop it?

Ignore it. Go on grinding or something. Or just, you know, shut off the game. Trust me, it's for the best. You don't like thier policies? Then sorry to have to say this, but you can't change them by ranting. It might be just because I'm overtired, but I'm getting a bit agitated also.

Because I seriously doubt the option to leave isn't there. Your past hacker? If you're worried about hacking, either change your password via email(I'm sure you can), or don't be angry when you lose your hours upon hours of game time. My computer got hacked, and I'm in the process of getting my games back on Steam. My 300 hour Terraria saves? Gone. What did I do? Reported who I knew it was and started the game up again. Got back on the metaphorical horse. If it's that big of deal, just leave.

Seriously, it's FIFTEEN bucks. that's not a lot last time I checked, and another thing...

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