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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [SU/DS]

DarkAmethyst and i started a new rp called Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse if you would like to join it, though it has 136 posts in it already XD
- PM from Kei Ochima, just to avoid any necro-posting complaints

Name: Derek Feyr
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Being raised in a military style, he is very direct in his manners and speech. He often is quiet, preferring to analyze a situation before he jumps into one. His temper is very quick to rise, and his decisions under pressure are often considered to be irrational. He is very bruque and brief with people, and finds it hard to be friendly towards people, as he was practically raised in a military camp, and then by lumberjacks. His manners are atrocious, though he is incredibly clean and meticulate. He finds it hard to trust people because of his past, though once he bonds to someone, it will come to hell or high water when someone threatens his friends. He is very careful about revealing what he is, though he will readily reveal himself to other supernatural creatures. He will only kill supernaturals if he percieves them as a threat to other people. If he can convince them to be peaceful, or if they already are, then he will leave them alone. He is careful about giving information about himself, as he thinks the government is still on his trail.


Tall, at 6'5, he is fairly lanky, though has toned muscle. Almost always wearing a thick rawhide trenchcoat, a nondescript blue tshirt, and worn out camo cargo pants, he looks fairly threatening and nondescript at the same time.

Supernatural Creature or Supernatural Hunter: Mutated Werewolf

Your basic werewolf lore; forcefully turned into mutant wolf form upon exposure to moonlight from the full moon, but can willfully transform at any given moment. Weakness to silver, only can be killed by decapititation.

As for this specific mutation, this werewolf lacks eyes, instead utilizing an incredibly keen sense of smell to create an 'olfactory radar' kind of image. While unable to see fine details such as writing, is able to discern materials, and different people. The olfactory organs resemble gills, residing on the side of the neck of this large animal. Should these gills become closed, the creature becomes blinded. Also, strong odors can overwhelm the creature easily. While generally preffering to walk/run on all fours, has the capability to stand on its hind legs for short periods of time, as well as brachiate through trees like most apes. The forelegs have paws with opposable thumbs, much like an ape's hand, yet still retaining small canine claws. The forearms also have bristles which can stick into an opponent's flesh and then fall off the werewolf's body, much like a porcupine's, though not nearly as long or painful. Here's an exact image (credit to Jackademus).


So, you think the government hasn't had an idea about the supernatural war?

They have. They've been itching to get int the war. They have weapons of their own.

As ironic as it sounds, Demons have inhabited politicians and major military personell since the beginning of time itself. The supernatural world has been more than responsible for war and strife on the face of the Earth. We just don't know it. Trying to figure out how to best interfere with the divine intervention of the Angels, the Demons have, as stated, been bringing together the might of the world's military with the unnatural horrors of Hell. With the might of the world at their fingertips, demons have begun their own scientific research into enhancing their monsters. Stronger, faster vampires. Werewolves immune to silver and covered in natural armor. Creatures and monsters specifically designed and engineered to find a supernatural being of light, and destroy it.

Enter Derek Feyr, a test tube baby, genes specifically engineered for a werewolf, but not just any werewolf. This werewolf was designed to be a fantastic tracker, able to sense any scent and follow it. While still in the early development of the overall werewolf genes, Derek was raised military style, taught basic combat in both his human and werewolf form, and how to be an incredible tracker. He was raised to be a ruthless killer, but had no idea what lay outside of the hidden training facility deep in the underground tunnels under Washington D.C. However, one thing that the trainers and handlers were unable to hide was the fact that Derek was very impulsive, and had already tried many times to use his advanced training to sneak outside of the facility. His genetics were designed to make him ruthless, which turned out to have a side-effect of making him incredibly impatient. Ready to test his skills beyond the cement wals of his labyrinth, he knows that there is something beyond the reinforced door that allows the Demons and other supernatural beings to come and leave the area as they please.

And so, he began working on improving. Eventually, he got his chance. An assignment to find and kill an Angel living in the deep uninhabited woods of Northern Michigan. The mission was more than easy, as the Angel was already severely injured from another encounter with several demons. However, after the mission was completed, Derek decided now was his chance to escape. At the age of 15, he was already powerful enough to dissappear without a trace into the Canadian wilderness. Living mostly in his human form as an assistant to lumberjacks and other hard workers, he has learned many skills about fitting in socially, albeit to a very low standard. He has also learned to roam, how to slip in and out of society without a trace.

Since the escape from the feds, he hasn't had many traces of the supernatural scent. However, he has decided to roam down into the States, where he has continued his lifestyle, taking the small time jobs that no one would want. Until the moment that he caught scent of vampires. He took his motorcycle, and decided he would ride until he found the origins of the scent. This has taken him far and wide across the nation, though he is now coming across a strange cat-like scent which is bringing him into the town of its origin. His instincts told him cats were bad. No complaints, as long as he was able to get ALL of their lives, supposing they were compliant to not cause trouble.
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