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Blake Skelt
Deviant Grafix
Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains
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There it itÖ The town was coming near. For so long, he had been stealing from the stores of the small town. It was the only way to survive. To tell the truth, he didnít even like that he relied on the stores. He only stole what he needed to live and avoid insanity. All he needed was water, food and pencils.

akeÖ Blake? Can you hear me? A voice was calling out to him. Was that his sona?
Frost? Is that you? What do you want?
I was just telling you whatís going on. An antivity group managed to make it into Umecit. A small group of powerful sonas are trying to fight them off.
Umecit? Isnít that fairly far from Velvod? How the heck did they make it there?
Well, yes. But you know perfectly well that itís foolish to believe that cave system will hold them off forever.
Fair enough. Are you going to go help them?
I do not believe itís necessary. They seem to be winning, if they haven't already.
I was just going to go get some new pencils. I think my old ones rolled down the mountainside.
Just be careful. You know that the security is going up there, the last thing you want it for them to get your picture.
Yeah, yeah. I know. If Iím ever on the run, I always carry my first notepad with me. Thatís all I need.
Fine, but- The child cut him off. He didnít need further warning. The short conversation seemed to take up most of his trip down. He climbed down a couple more yards until he reached the village.

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