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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

(OOC: Hahah, thanks! And yeah, I tried to embed the gender into my post there. *Points to paragraph* :3 Male. ^^; Because Female Buneary are overrated. 8D
And oops, double post much? XD I hate it when that happens.)
To my agony, I had completely forgotten--somehow--about Supersonic's immense power, so upon hearing the terrible sound, I was caught completely off-guard. I winced and covered my ears, slightly doubling over and tensing up where I stood. For a short while my vision blurred and I was seeing white. That and little blotches of colors here and there, and I could feel my skull rattling, almost. Reacting to this, I shut my eyes. Of course, why hadn't I done that already by now?

Shortly after, I noticed that Elisa and Archer were doing the same, cringing in agony. "God, I'm such an idiot. I should have told them to prepare for that." I mentally kicked myself. "Then again, I also guess I didn't realize that being a Flygon, Sakyuu is able to double it up pretty well. use telling them right now. It's not like they'll be able to hear me over this."

Luckily, the tormenting screech soon came to a hault. It felt almost like forever, though, and a high-frequency ringing continued to buzz through my head for several seconds, most likely an aftermath. When I looked back up, I noticed that Buneary was in even worse pain, trying to curl his ears up as close to its head as possible at an attempt to cancel out the noise. Poor thing. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like for him...I mean, due to the large ears, Buneary have much more sensitive hearing than a human. At times that could be a great advantage, but at times like this, a major hindrance.

Sakyuu proceeded with a Sand-Attack, just like I had ordered, kicking up nearby dirt with her tail. Said matter started to form a cloud of dust right before Sakyuu flung it at the rabbit Pokemon's eyes. Not to my surprise, the attack hit straight-on, nearly blinding the pitiful Buneary.

The Normal-type looked as if he was about to attempt at recoiling with a trick of his own, but instead succeeded at smacking himself in the face repeatedly, eyes squeezed shut from the previous assault.

Slightly coming to its senses, but still not quite fully, Buneary haulted at his unintentional act of self-harm and proceeded to curl up tightly, almost into a ball-like shape. Once it uncoiled, it appeared slightly more refreshed, almost glowing. Its eyes, however, were still slightly squinted.

"Great job, Sakyuu!" I encouraged. "Since its defenses are up a little more now, maybe we can get in a physical attack so that we don't completely knock out the poor thing. Try starting up by sneaking behind it, kinda like how you do with Faint Attack; then slash it with Dragon Claw!" I ordered hearteningly.

I was fully aware of the fact that the Buneary, despite being severely handicapped, still had a pretty good chance of dodging it and/or launching a counter attack at Flygon; I wasn't just about to go ahead underestimate him. However, I decided that since it's pretty vulnerable as is, so I didn't want to have my Flygon to go all-out at him; the majority of her moves are pretty powerful. I noted that because of this, Dragon Claw was a bit of a risky decision, but I was willing to give it a shot.

"Sorry, but there might be a lot more dust blowing around here, so brace yourself." I alerted. Yes, it did come to me that the Ranger would perhaps be aware of this, but I found it simply polite to give a forewarning. Especially after I forgot to do so with Sakyuu's Supersonic attack; it was the least I could do.

"Flyyyyy!" She estatically cried. At this, Sakyuu proceeded to kick up more dirt to attempt to cover the arena in a thick, cloudy layer of dust in order to obscure vision so that she could successfully sneak around behind Buneary.
((OOC: I really would be more leaning on describing the attack here, but it's out of my control whether Flygon's "sneak" as is would be successful, so yeah. ^^; Just don't want to "bunny," kinda.))
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