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Umetic, Nexen/(briefly) Outskirts of Enfin, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone in battle of Umetic

The tank thingamagigy (notice my very scientific terms) let loose an electric pulse, which knocked out a phoenix (not the one I was gonna yell at, another one) and badly battered another creature. I instinctively threw my "hands" up. This was a mistake.

The pulse slammed the hands backward, throwing me straight to the entrance of Enfin, but not before I saw the twins take out the tank's hover generator. By the time I came back to the battle, the rest of the antiSonas were fleeing. The gargoyle had, quite resourcefully, smashed the falling tank under her own weight.

For some reason, I decided I liked her.

"Whew, battle's over. Hovertank dude is dead, Alfeelo is dead, antiSona's are running away, thankfully without knowing who the gargoyle is. But in the heat of battle, I don't believe I got a chance to introduce myself. I am Dos, and I have some yelling to do."

But before I got a chance to start yelling, I got a whiff of what Greg was doing.

<Exiting the facility.>
<Would you rather the alternative?>

And with that, he left.

San Francisco, CA
ARPers: Anyone with a radio (or TV, if they still exist), this is being broadcasted live.

I put a jar in my coat and the other two in my lab coat. I then sneaked into the Auditorium, hung up my coat on the coat racks in the back, near the entrance, and sat down in the front. I put my pistol in my hand, for I couldn't shake the feeling that this was going to go horribly wrong.

And wrong it went.

The MC called,"And now, Dr. Gregory Matthew Xanatos, here to present Dr. Zhao's research on room temperature plastination."

I carefully concealed everything I had in my lab coat (scalpels, gun and bullets, two jars... I especially made sure the lab coat I brought with me was designed for storage) as I walked up to the stage.

At the moment I turned around, I saw the door to the outside burst open, while a voice calmly shouted,"Arrest that man, he is a DEVIANT."

And everything went to all hell.

Everyone looked at one another, confused, trying to figure out who the WAE patrols were talking about. I began to laugh.

"Excellent! Finally, some action." I cockily tilted my head to the side, taking in the positions of the five WAE patrols based on how close they were to my jacket. I showed the gun I had in my hand, and pointed it at the leader.

"Really? You shoot that, and all of us shoot back. Regardless of your abilities, you will perish, taking only one, maybe two, of us with you."

"That's only true if I hit one of you at once. Fortunately, I have preperations in place to help me take care that little snag. Boom, gentlemen." I laughed evilly, and shot my jacket, which was still in place, conveniently near the officials.

The three officials closest to my jacket were dead in an instant. The other two were thrown back, knocked out. The scientists were shocked, frozen.

I ran.

I heard the news van outside, "WAE officials are currently attempting to capture Deviant Dr. Gregory Matthew Xanatos. They are believed to be acting on a confidential tip- WHAT THE?!"

Perfectly timed with the explosion, Ms.

I ran to my truck, opened the door, turned it on, closed the door, and stepped on it. Dos, then decided to contact me:

<Exiting the facility.>
<Would you rather the alternative?>

I left my mind, and focused on the road. There were probably going to be more.
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