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Default Re: Nexen [SUDS]

I don't have YouTube at my mom's. She doesn't like it because she seems to be under the impression I'm going to be watching things I shouldn't when all I use it for is music and the occasional anime.

I'll listen later...never really listened to MCR, but right now I'm too busy blasting random songs among which are the clean version of 99 Problems by Jay-Z (In spite the fact I'm a white girl. XD I can totally see this fitting the RP in a way...) and Starstrukk by 3OH!3 and Katy Perry(Don't ask, I have no idea why I like this song...)

However, I have thought of Here Come the Mannequins by One Ring Zero in relation to this RP since I heard it, if you want to look it up. I can only find one youtube vid of it, and it's a live performance, so you can't hear them incredibly well and haven't checked other sites because in spite the fact it could be better quality, they do sound pretty good live.

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