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pallet town
"ohohoh Nex is gonna love this" he says looking at the Blaziken and the Breloom " oh no they spotted me gotta go " he says running through town to Nex's ship."Hey Nex did you here the news!" Munchlax my crew mate says running aboard Nex's ship (which is in dock) into the captains cabin. "What is it Munchlax"i say looking at him" "have you been you spying again if so tell me the news" "well i over heard a Blaziken and a Breloom saying something about king of all pirates and Mewtwos treasure""Mewtwo the one who took my tooth too bad i can't take revenge hes dead at least can get my tooth back from his treasure."I said angrily slamming the table which hurt really because i did it all with my strength and then i look at Munchlax ."Well what are you waiting for get the crew and hoist the flag were going to get that treasure" "AI AI SIR!"

Like a Baws

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